Private Equity & Venture Capital

Ensure trust and confidence in your projections

The Quantrix multi-dimensional modeling engine is perfect for applications such as complex multi-tiered waterfall calculations. Quantrix can model things that are simply impossible in traditional spreadsheets without the need to extend anything through scripting or VBA, reducing complexity and making the maintenance easier and cheaper. With Quantrix, you can securely share real-time forecasts, distribution reports and investment dashboards with both General and Limited partners.

For years, the private equity and venture capital industries have been pushing the limits of 25-year old technologies, such as Excel. Quantrix enables you to model distribution models and track on-going operations using the world’s fastest calculation engine for finance.

  • Unlimited scenarios & sensitivities
    Create new investment scenarios at the touch of a key, without writing a single formula
  • Multidimensional modeling
    Easily model waterfall tiers and complex structures
  • Audit trail
    Full automatic audit trail for compliance, and track changes by user, time and action
  • Eliminate errors
    By writing 95% less formulas on average, you can reduce the risk of complex errors and costly fines
  • Visual dependencies
    Quantrix’s dependency inspector allows for easy tracing of dependents and precedents
  • Model transparency
    Natural language formulae creates self-documenting models

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