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Consultants in a broad range of industries use Quantix as their business modeling platform of choice for delivering superior business value – and models – to clients. Whether your firm provides financial, strategic, operational or technology expertise, you'll find Quantrix provides you with an edge over the competition.

Quantrix has a number of features designed with consultancies in mind, such as collaboration controls and the ability to create highly professional presentations and dashboards for clients.

Quantrix is scalable; from a single consultant wishing to gain a competitive edge, to large multi-national organizations, wishing to take their offering to the next level, Quantrix delivers unbeatable value to organizations of all sizes.

  • Delivery methods
    Quantrix enables flexibility in the delivery method of models to clients, gone are the days of emails!
  • Controlled collaboration
    Extensive roles and permissions make it easy to configure and protect valuable IP within models
  • Faster turnaround
    Models take far less time to make changes, leading to faster turnaround in projects
  • Increased transparency
    Transparent logic in models means logic is easy to understand
  • Model complexity & scale
    Easily model problems which were previously hard (if not impossible) to solve in Excel
  • Professional modeling tools
    Professional modeling tools such as the dependency inspector and problems pane, make modeling more productive for your team

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