Powering your modeling capabilities

The energy industry is increasingly shaped by political, economic and social forces that open the door to new opportunities. Oil and gas, biofuels, nuclear and renewable energy organizations must be able to adapt in this fast-moving landscape.

Quantrix enables energy companies to stay agile, giving them the power to react to changes and ensure that critical short & long-term forecasts, demand-planning, capital investment planning and other modeling challenges integral to their business can be met. Quantrix delivers a modeling platform, which empowers organizations to stay ahead of the curve in these increasingly competitive markets.

  • Smart timelines
    A time-aware model eliminates the need for redundant formulae
  • Long-term forecasting
    Create scalable long-term energy supply & demand forecasts with ease
  • Model transparency
    Natural language formulae creates self-documenting models
  • Integrate data sources
    Connect to critical data sources for up-to-date facts and figures
  • Complex scenario planning
    Easily model and compare different demand and planning scenarios