What is the Quantrix activation process?

The Quantrix activation process, which is used to ensure the correct amount of people are using the software at any one time, is comprised of the following elements: First Name | Last Name | Email | Serial Number | Installation ID | Activation Key

What is my Quantrix Serial Number?

Your Serial Number is a code that we supply to your company (ex. IT department) upon purchase. This code is unique to your company and multiple people can be using the same Serial Number. In the case of a subscription purchase, your Serial Number will have an expiration date linked to your renewal date.

What is my Installation ID?

Your Installation ID is a code generated by the software as a unique identifier for your computer. The software will supply you with this code. If you activate the same Serial Number on multiple machines, the Installation ID will be different on each.

What is my Activation Key?

Your Activation Key is a code generated using your Serial Number and Installation ID. This code will allow you access to use Quantrix for the duration of your purchase period. If you are using Version 18 or newer, the software should be able to complete this action for you. However, in certain instances, you may need a manual activation completed by Quantrix. All earlier versions will need a manual activation (see below).


If you are having difficulty activating Quantrix Modeler, please read the instructions below.

To generate an Activation Key, we will need your entire Serial Number and Installation ID.

Modeler 6 or Earlier

If you are using Modeler version 6 or earlier, please select the “Activate via email/phone” option. Follow this process until you reach the dialogue box that includes your Serial Number and Installation ID. Copy the entire Serial Number and Installation ID and email them to activate@quantrix.com. We will email you back with an Activation Key. With that key, you will be able to complete the activation process.

Version 18 or Newer

With the newest versions of the software, you should be able to activate online without assistance. However, if you are having difficulty, we can manually activate your account and send you back an Activation Key. Make sure to include the full name, email, Serial Number and Installation ID of the account you would like to activate. We will send back your Activation Key so you can complete the activation process. You can send your request to activate@quantrix.com.

Did you switch computers? Make an update to your computer? Lose access to Quantrix?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the software may think you are trying to activate on multiple devices. We will need to make your account inactive in our system so you can switch. Please let us know what account you would like to make inactive. Please provide your email and serial number. This information can be sent to activate@quantrix.com.

Contact Us: activate@quantrix.com