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The world currently supports more than seven billion people… and that number is rising. Feeding the planet’s fast-growing population depends on cutting-edge forecasting techniques and demand planning from the world’s leading agriculture and agro-tech organizations.

More than ever, organizations are relying on Quantrix to provide a scalable modeling platform for everything from demand forecasting, capital planning and crop yield modeling, to long-term financial planning and analysis across multiple products and geographies.

  • Multi-dimensional modeling
    Models that match the true shape of your operations
  • Long term forecasting
    Create scalable long-term crop and yield forecasts with ease
  • Multi-user access
    Distributed work forces can collaborate in real time
  • Complex scenario planning
    Encompass everything from weather to market demands without your model becoming unmanageable
  • Access from anywhere
    In the office or out in the field, update information in real time

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