Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantrix?

Quantrix Modeler is a desktop software application that enables you to find answers to business questions by modeling your data and information: develop ‘what if’ scenarios, model the financial and operational impact of the business decisions you might take, and discover business risk and opportunity. Quantrix overcomes the limitations and risks inherent to spreadsheets while still being accessible for the non-technical business user. Quantrix is easy to install and use, and requires minimal IT overhead. Our web-enabled version, Quantrix Qloud, enables business users to create multi-dimensional data models and share the results via interactive presentations, reports and dashboards.

Who are the main users of Quantrix?

Quantrix is ideal for anyone who needs to make sense out of large volumes of data. Some of our users provide data for decision-making; others use Quantrix to make forward-looking decisions from data. Quantrix is used in a wide variety of applications, including by finance professionals to develop forecasts and budgets and for ‘what if’ scenario planning and by business professionals to calculate risk. It’s also used by scientists and information management specialists. The key model-builders in an organization use Modeler on the desktop to create powerful multi-dimensional models. They share these models with a wider audience via the web-enabled Quantrix Qloud so that the end user can use the models they produce quickly and easily with a simple web browser.

How much does Quantrix Modeler cost?

Pricing information for annual subscription licenses of Quantrix Modeler can be obtained by contacting the Quantrix sales team. One subscription license can be used on one computer for the named user. Multiple years can be purchased at once.

What do I get with my annual subscription?

An annual Subscription to Quantrix Modeler gives one named user access to use the software for one year and includes a Software Maintenance contract that entitles that user to all issue fixes, releases and version upgrades of the product during the year for which the annual subscription fee has been paid. This software maintenance contract also grants full access to the Quantrix technical support desk which is staffed 20 hours each business day.

How can I share my Quantrix models with others?

With the web-enabled Quantrix Qloud, you can easily share your models with others. With just a basic web browser, your model users can log into the Qloud and view and/or use your models quickly and easily. For more information on the Qloud please click here.

How much does the Qloud cost?

Pricing information for the Quantrix Hosted Qloud can be obtained by contacting the Quantrix sales team. Hosted subscriptions are per user per year, include technical support and servers will be maintained with the latest Qloud software.

Each user that accesses the Qloud to view or interact with a model requires a Qloud licence. Quantrix Hosted Qloud model storage starts at 20MB and allows up to 4MB maximum model size per published model. Models are defined as physical ‘.model’ files that are uploaded and stored on the Qloud. There is no limit to the number of models you can create and store on your desktop application.

We also offer Enterprise Qloud that allows you to host your own private Quantrix Qloud in your own network environment. This offering benefits from extended administration capabilities as well as no limitations on the number or size of models uploaded. Enterprise Qloud is licenced per named user and pricing information can be obtained by contacting the Quantrix sales team.

Does the Qloud support mobile devices?

Because of the high level of interactivity and detail supported on the Qloud, the Qloud is best utilized with a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile device support is high on our list for future software releases.

Can I share my models on the Qloud publicly?

When you upload a model to the Qloud you can choose to allow Public Access and share the URL to the model with anyone who has the URL. The URL allows anyone to view the model on the Qloud without having to create an account and login. Public models are ‘view only’ models and no model edits are supported.

Who hosts the Quantrix Hosted Qloud?

We use Rackspace, an industry-leading provider of hosted services to host the Quantrix Hosted Qloud.

Can we host a version of the Qloud behind our corporate firewall?

Yes. With Qloud for Enterprise you can host your own version of the Qloud behind your corporate firewall. Qloud for Enterprise also allows you to apply aspects of your corporate branding to reflect your corporate identity on your version of the Qloud. Read on for more information »

Does Quantrix offer a programming interface?

For a separate licensing fee, we can provide access to the Quantrix Development Kit (QDK). The QDK allows you to integrate Quantrix with existing enterprise and data systems by accessing the internal programming interfaces that are available. For more information on the QDK please contact our customer services.

What are the new features in Quantrix Modeler 6?

Quantrix Modeler 6 includes a brand new user interface combining elements of modern design and numerous ease of use improvements. Quantrix Modeler 6 also features a completely redesigned dependency inspector, various data integration improvements as well as new out-of-the box functionality to connect to Salesforce and export to Tableau. We’ve also tightened our integration with the Quantrix Qloud via the new launch panel – For an overview of the new features and enhancements that are available in Quantrix Modeler 6, please read our online help release summary section.

Can I integrate Quantrix with my existing database systems?

Quantrix products come with the data integration tools DataLink, DataNAV and DataPush. These products allow you to bring data into Quantrix as well as push data back out to your data systems. Quantrix Modeler 6.x adds the ability to import data directly from Salesforce as well as export to Tableau (TDE). Please see our product pages for more information.

Technical FAQ

Which versions of Windows is Quantrix compatible with?

Quantrix is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10.

Is Quantrix compatible with OS X Mountain Lion?

Quantrix version 6 is supported for use on OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Quantrix versions series 4.x and version 5.0 are supported on OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. If you have any other problems running Quantrix on OS X, please contact our customer support.

I’m having trouble activating Quantrix on Windows Vista
or Windows 7.

If Quantrix appears to activate successfully, but then asks to activate again the next time it’s launched, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Quantrix installation directory – typically: c:program filesquantrix modeler
  2. Find the Quantrix Modeler.exe file and right click on it.
  3. Choose ‘Run as Administrator’. This will launch Quantrix in administrator mode.
  4. Try the activation again.

What language is Quantrix written in?

Quantrix is written in Java. A compatible version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) will be part of the Quantrix installation. The JVM that’s installed is a local copy that will not overwrite the system-installed JVM.

How many cells can a Quantrix model process?

There are no set size limits for a Quantrix model. Our experience has shown that 32bit machines can handle models of up to 10MM cells comfortably, with models of 20-40MM cells possible on powerful computers.

With a 64bit processor and a 64bit version of the operating system (Windows or OS X), Quantrix models in the hundreds of millions of cells are easily achievable. With a well-designed model, customers have reported performant models containing over 1.2 billion calculated cells.

Does Quantrix support multiple processors?

Quantrix Modeler 5 introduced a new multi-threaded calculation strategy. This strategy is very similar to the range-based strategy, but designed to take advantage of multi-core machines. It uses more memory than the range-based strategy, but can provide a significant speed boost on most models.

How can I increase the memory allocation for Quantrix?

You can increase the amount of your computer’s memory dedicated to Quantrix processing by doing the following:

‘Open Tools > Options > General’ from the menu. (OS X users choose Quantrix Modeler > Preferences > General).

Change the value in the ‘Maximum Memory’ box to a number just below your computer’s installed memory. So if you have 1GB of memory, a setting of 950 is appropriate. A contiguous block of memory is required for this setting and we find the limit of most 32bit machines to be 1GB. Please be aware that 64bit operating systems do not have a limit. If Quantrix detects that the memory setting is too high, Quantrix will prompt you to lower the value.

Please Note: The maximum memory value depends on the software installed on your system. If Quantrix fails to run after making this change, please contact our customer support.

At your discretion, you can reduce the size of the undo stack to conserve system resources.

If you have large matrices that are very sparse (lots of blank cells), choose ‘Tools > Calculation > Calculation Settings’ and place a check in the box ‘Treat empty cells as missing values’. This will reduce the amount of memory formulas consume when calculating across sparse matrices.

What are the Quantrix system requirements?

Please click here to view the system requirements for Quantrix Modeler.

Can I share my Quantrix Mac models with my colleagues who are working with the Windows version?

Yes. The two versions are compatible.