Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantrix?

Quantrix is a modeling and forecasting software platform that enables you to build models and find solutions to business questions spanning across many industries and use cases. Quantrix models can be built on laptops and tablets and viewed and edited on the cloud. Quantrix’s cloud, called Quantrix Qloud, can be deployed in SaaS, on-premise or public environments.

The Quantrix multi-dimensional modeling solution enables you to import data from multiple sources and lets you create plain language formulas that apply to tens of thousands of cells. These formulas can be updated in one place for all selected cells or cell ranges.

You can import data from text files, databases and applications. Additionally, you can create models using drag and drop, make compelling interactive graphical presentations, and share the models easily on the Quantrix Qloud.

Who are the main users of Quantrix?

Most Quantrix customers are former spreadsheet users whose use cases have outgrown the abilities of traditional spreadsheets. In use cases where security, audit controls and reliability are tantamount to success, Quantrix can easily replace traditional spreadsheets that either can no longer calculate correctly and/or whose results take days or weeks to audit and update.

Our users come from many countries and many business verticals. Quantrix is used by finance professionals to develop forecasts and budgets and for ‘what if’ scenario planning and by business professionals to calculate risk. It is also used by scientists and information management specialists. Our users are in investment banking, universities, energy management and renewables, oil and gas, agriculture, non-profits and many more. Typical users build multi-dimensional models on the desktop and share them with any number of Quantrix Qloud users who view, use and edit the model with a browser.

How much does Quantrix cost?

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Pricing information depends on your desired implementation. For example, you might purchase one desktop Modeler only, or one desktop Modeler copy with a few Qloud licenses, or you might purchase a robust, AWS-based SAAS solution or an Enterprise, optionally self-branded, solution to run behind your own firewall using your own administrator.

Quantrix also currently offers a Public Qloud solution, hosted by AWS and maintained by Quantrix. You can use Public Qloud to share models with any user to whom you give the model’s URL. These recipients do not need a Qloud account to view a public model. Users needing interactive access to a model require a Qloud account.

Please contact or call 1-207-775-0808 for details about our powerful, flexible, and adaptable solutions.

Does the Qloud support mobile devices?

While there is not a native Qloud “app” for mobile platforms, the Qloud web experience, including model interaction and editing, is designed to work smoothly across a range of browsers including on mobile.

Can I share my models on the Qloud publicly?

When you upload a model to the Qloud you can choose to allow Public Access and share the URL to the model with anyone who has the URL. The URL allows anyone to view the model on the Qloud without having to create an account and login. Public models are ‘view only’ models and no model edits are supported.

Does Quantrix offer a programming interface?

For an additional licensing fee, Quantrix can provide access to the Quantrix Development Kit (QDK). The QDK allows you to build and integrate Quantrix with existing enterprise and data systems by accessing the internal programming interfaces that are available. For more information on the QDK please contact with your specific use case and OEM integration needs.

Can I integrate Quantrix with my existing database systems?

Quantrix products come with the data integration tools Data Import and DataPush. These products allow you to bring data into Quantrix from multiple sources as well as push data back out to your enterprise systems. Data Import is able to import from text and XML, databases, the web and even from the clipboard. Quantrix can import data directly from Salesforce as well as export to Tableau.

Technical FAQ

What are the system requirements for Quantrix?

To see the latest system requirements, view our System Requirements page.

Which versions of Windows is Quantrix compatible with?

To get the most up-to-date compatibility, please reach out to

What language is Quantrix written in?

Quantrix is written in Java. A compatible version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) will be part of the Quantrix installation. The JVM that’s installed is a local copy that will not overwrite the system-installed JVM.

How many cells can a Quantrix model process?

There are no set size limits for a Quantrix model. Even 32-bit machines can handle models of up to 10 million cells comfortably. With 64-bit computers, a decent processor and plenty of memory you can calculate over a billion cells.

Can I share my Quantrix Mac models with my colleagues who are working with the Windows version?

Yes. The two Modeler applications (Windows and Mac) can open models created in either Mac or Windows.

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