The Quantrix Partner Program

The Quantrix Partner Program helps create rich solutions and services for a broad range of applications and markets. Quantrix works with partners to bring even greater value to customers through solutions that address specific business and modeling needs. Partnering with Quantrix can provide a competitive advantage as our customers represent the top financial and quantitative modeling professionals for many of the world’s leading companies and institutions.

Our Partners extend the reach of Quantrix to provide localized product and support to customers in over 50 countries. Many of our partners have consultants with strong industry domain knowledge who can employ Quantrix Modeler to deliver value-added professional services.

To learn how to become a Quantrix Partner, please contact us at

North American Partners

Model Metrix provides easy-to-use solutions that address our clients’ complex modeling and planning challenges. Our solutions fill the capability void between broken spreadsheet-based processes and less flexible performance management solutions. Learn more at or email us at


Business Pro is a business consultancy and software reseller that serves the Mexican and Latin American market. The company was founded by Armando Gonzalez, who has many years consulting and implementing forecasting and demand planning solutions. He also lectures on statistical forecasting and planning.

Contact email:, Phone: +52 (55)-1107-82


Power Market Consulting, Inc. Power Market Consulting, Inc. (PCMI) provides regulatory and business systems consulting services in the wholesale electric power market. Based in Irvine, CA, the company has extensive experience in the development and implementation of energy settlement systems with transaction values in multi-billions of dollars.


Phone: +1 (714)-635-7650


Tesser Consulting Group has extensive experience working in a wide range of industries developing insightful business models for effective decision-making. TCG’s modeling experience ranges from planning, budgeting, sales and operational planning to data modeling and data analytics. For more information:

Email: Phone: +1 207 200 1663

UK and Europe Partners
BmeEstablished in 1996, BME delivers business intelligence and planning software solutions that improve decision making, save time and adapt quickly to changes in your environment. BME specialise in solutions that require minimal user training and can be delivered and deployed within days, not months.

Contact: Email:, Phone: +44 1483 236795

BME Solutions Ltd., Ground Floor, Building 2, Guildford Business Park, Guildford, GU2 8XG, United Kingdom or

Smart Modeling SolutionsSmart Modeling Solutions provides high-quality Quantrix training and model-building services. Located in the heart of Europe – Vienna, Austria, they offer services in 5 languages: English, German, Russian, Bulgarian and Turkish. With company proven track records of successful implementations you can be confident that your plans, forecast, budgets, economic evaluations, etc. will be created quickly and efficiently.

Contact: Email:, Phone: +43 676 6585570

To learn more please visit

Since their creation in 2008, TRIN PARTNERS has been providing operational management and financial analysis assistance to business owners, SME’s and investors. Experts in Business Intelligence solutions and financial modeling, TRIN PARTNERS offers dynamic decision-making models and improved financial efficiency with customized dashboards and cost analyses.

TRIN PARTNERS has more than 10 years of experience model building with QUANTRIX, TABLEAU, and File Maker with a range of services: project management, consulting, and training.

TRIN-PARTNERS also has developed a specialized QUANTRIX application for managing the financials of an air-taxi company. This model is available for other similar companies.

Visit their website to read their On-Demand White Paper in French: Better Manage Your SME

Contact:     +33(0)756 859 999

Established in 1993, Servac provides actuarial and economic consulting services in the field of social transfer design and engineering, particularly ​​pension schemes. Based in France, Servac has extensive international experience and regularly audits and enhances social protection programs in Africa.

Servac develops Quantrix-based modelling solutions for its clients and provides the accompanying user training.

Contact : Antoine Delarue, email:, Phone: +33 981 741 122 or +33 614 709 455

SERVAC 66 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France

Brainwork Consulting is specialized in modeling strategic decision making, scenario analysis and risked-based planning and budgeting, using a variety of platforms.

For over ten years Brainwork has created models together with clients in heavy investment industries like energy production and distribution, as well as transport infrastructure.

Recently, Brainwork brought Simulation power to the Quantrix platform by releasing (together with the Quantrix team) the free Quantrix Monte-Carlo-Simulation starter kit, which can be downloaded here.

Based in Guernsey, Brainwork offers solution architecture and model building services all over Europe in English, French, Italian and German.



Phone:    +41 77 463 23 39


Central/South American Partners

Essla International is a leading regional implementation and consulting services group. Founded by finance and IT professionals, Essla specializes in multi-dimensional finance, with a successful record of applying avant-garde methodologies in value creation, financial modeling, consolidation, profitability and cost analysis. Essla markets products and services mostly in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.


Contact: Email:, Phone: +507 609 72717 and +507 610 75182


Rest of World Partners

Celsoft Corporation, is Africa’s leading financial modeling services company based in Southern Africa with experience in financial modeling, training and model development consultancy services. We transform the efficiency and effectiveness of African professionals with cutting-edge financial modeling skills as well as robust and dynamic financial models strictly designed with Quantrix Modeler. We focus on management accounts, budgeting and forecasting, reconciliations, data analysis and many more.

Visit, Email:, Phone: +263 4 2933776 or +263 772 746 329