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With Quantrix, you can create a model for just about any use case. Below, you will find some example models that you can try right now in your browser.  Each model has an accompanying video you can watch to learn more about the model and its features.  These models are a great way to learn about our product.

Don’t see your use case? We’re happy to schedule a personalized demo to review your modeling needs.

INTERACTIVE DEMO MODELS: Build models like these or create something new for your business

Integrated Financials: Growth Rates, Forecasting & More
– Use our slider functionality to alter growth rates
– Select different forecasting methods and enter data into cells
– Expand the model to test new scenarios.

If you’re struggling with spreadsheets, there is a better way. Try this model today!

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Real Estate Valuation: Compare Rates of Return, Evaluate Scenarios & More
In this interactive demo, you’ll be able to compare rates of return on property investments, evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios for inflation and interest rates and generate a graph to show net income projections.

This is a great opportunity to see how Quantrix can help you make better decisions. Try the model in your browser now!

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Revenue Tracker: Leads, Opportunities, Revenue
For your business to flourish, you must be able to answer a variety of questions: How many leads are in my pipeline? How many opportunities will that turn into? And most importantly, will I reach my sales goals?

This example model will help you learn about Quantrix and answer those questions. Try it now!

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Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ)
Quantrix can help you turn your proposal into a selling tool that can:

  • Capture and understand your prospect’s true requirements, aligned to the value of your offer
  • Give your prospect the ability to create their own purchase options & scenarios on the fly
  • Generate a complete business justification, including ROI and NPV to help you close faster

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Want to try the Online Apps in French? Visit our partner’s website for translated models.