Who We Are

Who We Are

Headquartered in Portland, Maine USA, we are a team of dedicated professionals striving to build world-class software products that are powerful, yet simple and easy to use. Quantrix provides the finest solutions for your business modeling needs.

At Quantrix our vision is to provide a world-class next generation business and financial modeling platform. Our customer centric attitude and culture keeps us committed to producing exceptional software to meet all your business modeling needs.

We are devoted to constantly innovating with our software which has built many years of trust with our customers across the globe.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the tools that redefine how business modeling is performed; replacing traditional spreadsheets in all the places where they should no longer be used and enabling organizations to revolutionize their business.

Our Core Values

At Quantrix our passion defines us. Whether it be our passion to develop and deliver the world’s best business modeling software or the passion our customers have for what we do (just ask them!). This passion drives us, shapes us and helps us constantly strive to succeed.

  • Constantly innovating

    At Quantrix, we are constantly looking for new and better ways of doing things. Whether it be the adoption of new technology or the development of innovative approaches to solving complex customer problems, we are always looking to improve.

  • Building trust through products and relationships

    Quantrix is unique! Our customers will tell you so. It’s not just about our technology, but it’s also about how we work with our customers.

  • Make and follow
    our own path

    We’ve never followed the pack. Whether we’re redefining the spreadsheet paradigm or moving our technology into the Cloud, we’ve always pursued our own path based on insight and customer feedback.

  • Customer

    We love our customers and they love us. We’ll always strive to make our customers successful – we recognize that this is what it’s all about!

Quantrix History

Quantrix started as an innovative entrepreneurial start-up in 2002 and quickly achieved success, by attracting customers, from across the world, to its modeling platform. Today, Quantrix continues to serve customers in over 50 countries.

  1. Quantrix is Founded

    Quantrix was founded in 2002 in Portland, Maine by Peter Murray.

  2. First public release

    Quantrix unveils its first public release (Quantrix Modeler v1.0).

  3. Data Integration

    Quantrix releases DataLink data integration feature

  4. Canvas

    Quantrix releases with Presentation Canvas reporting engine

  5. Acquired

    IDBS acquires Quantrix. Quantrix remains independent business unit

  6. Multi-threaded calculation

    Quantrix releases multi-threaded calculation engine

  7. Hosted Qloud

    Quantrix releases hosted Qloud SaaS web product

  8. Enterprise Qloud

    Quantrix releases Enterprise Qloud on-prem web solution

  9. Salesforce & Tableau

    Quantrix releases new desktop version featuring revised UI, Salesforce and Tableau integrations

  10. Version 6

    Quantrix launches it's version 6 series, a major update to it's flagship product Quantrix Modeler.

  11. 2017 Quantrix Dimension Conference

    Quantrix relaunches the popular 'Seminar by the Sea' Annual User conference as 'Dimension' Conference.

  12. Quantrix Enterprise Software-as-a-Service

    Quantrix announces that it will be offering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of it's Enterprise Qloud product. This offering will allow for Quantrix to provide the highest level of support for it's enterprise customers.

  13. Quantrix 2019 Release 1.0 - Data Import

    Quantrix implements a grand overhaul of it's existing DataLink and DataNAV products, launching a new and improved feature 'Data Import' - designed to replace the former.

  14. Quantrix 19.3.0 Released

    Quantrix releases Version 19.3.0 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud.

  15. Planning for Good Campaign

    Quantrix introduces its Planning for Good campaign. The campaign is created to assist existing and potential customers during the global health crisis.

  16. 21.1 Version Release

    In our 21.1 release, we revisited some of the fundamental aspects of how users interact with our software looking for opportunities to improve ease of use and modeling efficiency.

  17. Dimension Online 2021

    This two-day event boasted a variety of exciting presentations for both new and longtime users. In addition to Quantrix-led sessions, we also introduced four professional modelers, who shared stories about their business and how Quantrix was able transform their work.

  18. Version 22.1 Release

    In this release, Modeler added a variety of new improvements along with a collection of significant software fixes and enhancements for larger data sets and larger deployments.

  19. Introducing Quantrix Labs!

    Quantrix Labs is a new setting where you can see experimental design features in Modeler. Although these features are not complete, this is a great opportunity to provide feedback on our product direction and your experience using the features.

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