Investment Banking

Always ahead of the competition

In an industry where speed means closing the deal, and mistakes can lead to damaged reputations and fines, Quantrix provides a professional modeling platform for when your complex financial models have outgrown traditional spreadsheets. Quantrix enables analysts to react intuitively; whether that means changing an underlying assumption or completely adjusting the structure of a model, Quantrix empowers you to quickly and easily adapt.

  • Unlimited scenarios & sensitivities
    Create ‘new deal’ scenarios at the touch of a key, without writing a single formula
  • Always-on pivoting 
    Slice, dice and compare investment scenarios side-by-side for easy analysis
  • Single source of truth
    Inbuilt version control ensures even the most complex of transactions remain on track
  • Eliminate errors
    Natural language formulas reduce the risk of complex errors & costly fines
  • Integrate data sources
    Create robust financial scenarios based on up to date information using datalink
  • Extend functionality
    Easily extend functionality with in-built scripting or via Quantrix’s powerful API