Quantrix Enterprise


Combining the most powerful elements of our Quantrix technology, we’ve re-defined what it means to have an enterprise modeling platform. Our enterprise-ready platform comes with everything you need to transform your business, but also recognises that customers’ needs differ. Our APIs allow you to extend the capabilities of Quantrix and embed Quantrix into other systems, while still retaining the best of Quantrix at the core.

Quantrix Enterprise
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  • Built for enterprise

    Easily manage model access, permission & roles across all users in the enterprise.

  • Unprecedented scale

    Handle billions of data points for thousands of users across different scenarios & models.

  • Integrated into enterprise

    Integrate directly with ERPs, CRMs or any other corporate system to create a complete decision making ecosystem

  • Extend functionality

    Extend the core functionality of Quantrix through a powerful set of APIs

  • Features

    • Enterprise user administration
    • Customization
    • Enterprise APIs
    • Data integration services
    • Version control & auditing
  • Advantages

    • Proven enterprise solutions
    • Complete data ecosystem
    • Secure model access
    • Enterprise support
    • System visibility and monitoring
  • Benefits

    • End-to-end model management
    • Solves unique modeling challenges
    • Fast implementation
    • Shared business insight

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