What is The Quantrix Network?

If you’ve used a Quantrix Modeler license, you are part of the Network and part of the family! The Quantrix Network includes a wonderful community of modelers, industry subject matter experts, developers and partners. As part of this family, you will enjoy the benefit of the following:

The Quantrix Network Perks

The Quantrix Takeaway

Do you want to take Quantrix with you to your new job? You can! If your company paid for you to have a Quantrix license and you leave that company, we can grant you access to Quantrix for an additional year. Just tell us how to contact you on The Quantrix Takeaway page and we’ll remind you of this perk and how to get it. One per new company.

Quantrix Answers Community

Want to improve your operational modeling skills? Have a question about demand planning? Want to learn how to model company valuation? Looking for someone to build a custom Quantrix tool? You can find the answer to these questions and any that you may have on the Quantrix Answers Forum.

Quantrix Academic Alliance

Every year, hundreds of students with Quantrix Modeler skills graduate from university. If your company wants to hire smart, motivated modelers we can connect you with qualified candidates. Contact us at academics@quantrix.com.

Idea Portal

Do you have any suggestions for product improvements? We would love to hear from you. Please visit our Idea Portal to share your thoughts and vote on other suggestions. Your ideas could show up in a future release!

If you have any questions about The Quantrix Network, please reach out to customerservice@quantrix.com.

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