2020 Year-End Wrap Up


Last December, families and companies were hosting holiday parties as people packed into malls and shopping centers to find last-minute gifts.  It would have been hard to imagine how upside down our lives would be in just a matter of months.  Not too long after ringing in the new year, families canceled or postponed plans, and employees worked from home and only got together online.  As a society, we learned new terms like “social distancing”, and started wearing masks to protect ourselves and others.

Quantrix, like many other companies, was not immune to these changes.  We did not host our user conference this year and we’ve been working from home since March. But, during this time, the Quantrix team has been hard at work building new features and introducing new initiatives to benefit our customers and planners/modelers around the world.

Quantrix Team:

This year the Quantrix team has continued to grow. We added a new member to the Qloud development team, and welcomed a new General Manager, Brad Hopper. Next year, we look forward to growing the team even more!

Product Improvements:

The development team built and released new versions this year: 20.1.0, 20.2.0 and 20.2.2.  Each release helped to make Modeler and Qloud better products for our users.

Check out our release notes to learn more about the improvements and fixes we made this year.

Business Initiatives:

Planning for Good:  As the pandemic took hold of the world, companies were left wondering: which business changes might we make to work within the constraints of the pandemic? How can we reconfigure our teams and operations to best serve the community and sustain ourselves? To do our part, Quantrix created an initiative to help people and organizations plan for the future. As an agile planning platform, Quantrix provides the ideal experience for planners to ask and answer “what if” questions, especially if they are re-imagining their business from the ground up. Through this initiative, we provided Quantrix Modeler licenses at no charge, so that people could plan their next steps using the best possible tools.  Additionally, we hosted a webcast series featuring a variety of speakers, each sharing their stories of how Quantrix helped them adapt and thrive in this challenging time.

Academic Alliance:  This year we launched our Academic Alliance Program. Universities from all over the globe use Quantrix. We created this program to provide Quantrix software to students in participating higher education programs to support their learning of modeling concepts and to build a network of planners with Quantrix skills and a pool of qualified candidates for our customers. Students can use the Academic Alliance license for a year after graduation to help them leverage their skills into the workplace.

The Quantrix Takeaway: If your company paid for you to have a Quantrix license and you leave that company, we can grant you access to Quantrix for an additional year at no charge. You can take Quantrix with you to your new job! To find out how to register and if you are eligible for this program, and a few restrictions, please visit our Takeaway page.

Like many of you, we are looking forward to the new year. We wish you a happy and healthy 2021!

-The Quantrix Team