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[Thank you for your interest in our Planning for Good campaign. Although this program has come to a close, please look out for other promotions on our website in the future. Planning for Good was a great success! The 30 day free trial is still available below.]

The global health crisis and economic uncertainty have left businesses and organizations with many questions. Some of the toughest questions arise in the planning process. Plans that were created at the beginning of the year are likely not the same plans needed to move forward. Evolving plans and changing budgets can be difficult to manage. This is particularly burdensome when companies need to update economic and operational models.

Quantrix is a powerful, multidimensional modeling tool that is designed expressly to help modelers and planners increase their agility. Because we know that all plans must change, and some more than others, the core idea of Quantrix is to provide a fast experience for creating models from scratch and a flexible experience for changing them over time. Outside forces, such as the health crisis, can dramatically impact a company’s decisions and strategy. Using Quantrix, planners can add new scenarios into their models and answer their “what if” questions instantly.

To assist companies during this difficult period, we have announced our Planning for Good campaign.

Planners around the world use Quantrix to keep business resilient and you can too. For a limited time we’re offering a free license to use our professional modeling software. Operating plans are changing fast and traditional modeling approaches just can’t keep up. What better time than now to create more robust models that can adapt as your business changes?

Additionally, as part of our Planning for Good campaign, we are hosting a series of webinars in which professional planners highlight how their business has changed during the pandemic, and how the agility of Quantrix has helped them manage that change. In case you were unable to attend our earlier webinars, you can watch them here:



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We hope that you take advantage of this license and that it can assist you through this uncertain time.

-The Quantrix Team