“There is no way we could teach our financial modeling and planning class without Quantrix. The transparent structure and natural language formulas of Quantrix help students to easily match our academic concepts to the data and logic of the models we provide. These same ideas make it easy for our instructors to see how their students adapt the models to a business case and verify they have mastered the techniques being taught.”

Luca Erzegovesi
Professor of Corporate Finance, Dept. Economics and Management
University of Trento

What is Quantrix and the Academic Alliance Program?

Quantrix is a professional economic and operational modeling environment that provides a uniquely agile experience for planners in finance, operations, supply chain and other demanding technical and business areas. Quantrix helps these professionals to explore alternative scenarios, develop robust forecasts and deploy models into operational applications on the cloud.  

The Academic Alliance Program provides Quantrix software to students in participating higher education programs to support their learning of modeling concepts and to build a network of skilled planners. 

For Students in Participating Institutions:

Learning Benefits: The intuitive structure of a Quantrix model allows students to quickly understand the relationships between the contained data, assumptions and formulas to reinforce concepts being introduced in the classroom. The interactive experience of Quantrix encourages students to express their ideas and knowledge for constructing new models without the tedious and error prone copy/paste/drag/fill drudgery common to spreadsheets. This streamlined and structured approach will also help students finish assignments faster and with fewer errors. 

Personal and Business BenefitsQuantrix provides no-charge licenses to students enrolled in a participating course. Not only that, we allow and encourage commercial use of this license for one year beyond the completed degree programQuantrix has over 50,000 users world-wide, so students can be confident that the skills they learn and tools they use in Quantrix-enabled classes will be useful for their entire career … and free for the first year! 

Employment / CoOp Referrals: Our customers often ask if we can connect them with individuals who have Quantrix modeling skills for potential projects or permanent employment. We update our customers on this program periodically and, if interested, students can let us know of their interest to explore such opportunities. We are happy to facilitate communication and would love to see our network of professional modelers grow! 

What To Do Next: Your instructor will have provided you a link to this page, (that’s probably why you’re here!) where you can fill out the form to register for the program and download the Quantrix Modeler software. Your instructor will also provide you with a serial number you can use to activate Quantrix. You must activate the software within 30 days of first launching Quantrix so don’t delay. 

Fill out the form now to register, download and get additional detailed instructions. 

For Educators Interested in Our Program:

Instruction Benefits: Quantrix provides an ideal platform for business and engineering instructors to develop coursework for accounting, economics, operations, supply chain, and any other demanding technical planning areas. Quantrix provides native multi-dimensional model structure, natural language formulas, dependency and relationship inspection, fully featured math and statistical functions, full transactional audit logs, cloud-based collaboration and application deployment and more capabilities that allow instructors to deliver the highest quality models to support their coursework. 

Cost and Program Benefits: Instructors participating in the program must purchase a single full priced Quantrix yearly subscription license, but this license will cover use by the lead instructor and up to three teaching assistants supporting the class. Participation in the program will also include no-charge use of the Quantrix SDK and no-charge attendance to the annual Quantrix user meeting as applicable. We will also provide access to a community of other instructors in the program and provide a periodic virtual get-together to exchange best practices and experiences. Of course, as above, your students will enjoy a no-charge Quantrix license!  

If you would like to learn more about the program or ask any other questions, please contact us at academics@quantrix.com.


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