Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ)

Quantrix can help your sales team generate and present complex project proposals or service quotes to customers, and with Quantrix's flexibility and scalability, the models can be quickly and easily adjusted throughout the CPQ process as needs change or requirements are clarified. With Quantrix, ensure every team is working from the same source of truth to determine the customer's needs, track available resources, and deliver proposal outputs for both internal and external use.


Commercial CPQ

Stakeholders: Sales & Project Planners

Challenge: Some organizations, especially those selling capital equipment or projects with hardware, software, services, consumables, leasing etc. can be challenged with presenting a compelling and coherent product offering at all! Such a complex sale often requires not only portraying the capabilities of the project itself but also modeling the investment and expected return. A Commercial CPQ model might align your products and services to customer productivity improvements and cost savings to paint a vision not only of what they should buy but also justify why a purchase is right for the business case and potentially how to fund it. For large, complex sales customers will often be able to commit only after they have created and iteratively compared multiple scenarios - this might be done together with the sales team or the customer might want to explore alternatives themselves. A Commercial CPQ system might also be configured to automatically suggest higher revenue or bundled options or otherwise ensure margin compliance when creating custom proposals.

Assembly CPQ

Stakeholders: Application Engineers & Manufacturing

Challenge: Some organizations, especially those selling products with complex BOMS (bills-of-material), can find it difficult to configure exactly the right instance of a product to suit the needs of a customer. Without proper guidance, sales might propose combinations of functionality that are mutually exclusive or propose an incomplete sale that sets expectations for performance that cannot be met. An incorrect or incomplete quote can be impossible to manufacture because key components do not “fit together” or are not compatible without additional parts to allow interoperability. Mistakes here drive high costs in the manufacturing plant, where other manufacturable quotes sit idle while the team tries to figure out what was implied by the errant order. Worse yet, un-assemblable parts might be sent to the customer site, where the install team struggles, flies in experts, rush orders new parts, while the frustrated customer sits without the promised production capacity. For this type of use case, the biggest challenge can either be the depth of compatibility rules for the product itself (product BOM complexity), or the lack of ability to capture the customer requirements such that the proper custom product can be configured… or both.

  • Scenario dimensions
    With 'one-click,' spin up multiple pricing options or scenarios for quoting
  • Smart timelines
    A time-aware proposal model eliminates the need for redundant formulas or manual deadline updates in scenario modeling
  • Qloud
    Provide a streamlined, professional platform for customers to review quotes in a secure environment, or for internal team collaboration during the proposal generation process
  • Import Data
    Easily import your product catalog and/or list of services into Quantrix for easy selection by sales or for the customer to browse directly
  • Write Formulas Once
    One real-language formula can calculate many cells, reducing time spent on proposal setup and maintenance
  • Audit Trail
    Track changes in your proposal's logic, customer inputs, or pricing assumptions