Data Validation

Are you emailing spreadsheets back and forth to make updates? Have you been looking at a financial model and wondered: when was this change made? If so, you likely need a new solution!

Whether you’re maintaining finances, tracking business updates, or auditing model changes, it’s imperative that you preserve the accuracy and integrity of your data. Quantrix has a variety of features that help to ensure that everyone within an organization is working from the same source of truth. If you're still tracking changes to your models in a spreadsheet, there's a better way!

In this short video, you'll learn about our Dependency Inspector, Audit Trail, Problems Pane, and Advanced Find features.


  • Role-based Functionality
    Set up role-based permissions for different departments and job titles
  • Granular Permissions
    Configure granular permissions all the way down to the cell-level
  • Qloud
    Share and edit your models safely and securely online using Quantrix Qloud. Ensure users access only the information they need
  • Import Data
    Easily import data into your model from a wide variety of sources
  • Natural Language Formulas
    Real-language formulas save time and make it easy to comprehend every calculation
  • Audit Trail
    Easily maintain records for changes made to your model with our Audit Trail feature