Version 22.1.2 Product Release

PRESS RELEASE: Product Release Notification

PORTLAND, ME – On August 3, 2022, Quantrix released Version 22.1.2 of Modeler and Version 22.1.0 of Qloud and Enterprise Qloud.

There are a variety of new improvements and fixes with this release, so it is recommended that users update their software as soon as possible. 

Modeler Highlights:

Quantrix Qloud 22.1.2 supports Single Sign on (QM-24680). If SSO has been configured on your Qloud server, users can authenticate and directly access models on your Qloud leveraging a third party identity provider, and Quantrix Modeler will also use SSO to access your Qloud for Sign-in, and to Publish and check in/out models. The first time that authorization is requested (i.e., when Modeler needs access to Qloud resources) you will be prompted to accept or deny authorization. Provided you accept, you won’t be prompted about Qloud access again unless the SSO security token is revoked or you log out of Qloud from Modeler. Please read Single Sign-on and Workflow details in Qloud help.

Some of our customers have grouped hierarchies or categories with many thousands of items, which can make model navigation cumbersome. Quantrix Modeler includes a new feature called “Summarize”, that allows users to quickly “roll up/down” one or many eligible items, including those within Timelines (QM-24574, QM-24598). Summarize will hide or unhide individual items and create a new (or keep existing) Summary Item(s) in their place. To Summarize, hover over a top-level item or group on the column or row axis. Provided your role has expand/collapse and formula permissions, eligible items and groups will show a Summarize button which, when clicked, will perform the above actions. Summarize uses standard sum(summary()) formulas, which can be edited like any other formula, for example to modify it to be an average() rather than sum as needed for different types of data.

Summarize includes support for shortcut keys, where Ctrl+ or Cmd+Summarize will summarize all peers (all items at the same level), and Shift+Summarize will summarize all children (all items one level below). Use the same shortcut keys with Unsummarize. You can read the Quick Summarization help topic to understand the details, and see the related Options/Preferences for matrices.

Two new Options/Preferences support the new Summarization feature: Enable Summarization and Create summary formulas in linked matrices. These can be found in the Tools > Options/Preferences > Matrix dialog.

Summarization can be completely disabled by unchecking the “Enable Summarization” option (QM-24649).

The default behavior of Summarize is to create summary formulas in linked matrices in addition to the active one. This behavior may not be desirable, so you can turn it off by unchecking the “Create summary formulas in linked matrices” preference. (QM-24640).

A new feature, Credentials Manager, along with a companion script method described below, allows only users with the Modeler role to create and manage authentication information for data operations and scripts in one location from Tools > Credentials Manager (QM-22515). The Credentials Manager tool is disabled for other roles. Using Credentials Manager ensures that credentials are encrypted, cannot be exposed, and don’t need to be re-entered. Credentials Manager allows modelers to easily see all of their locally stored credentials, create and edit those credentials and embed credentials into models where they can be called by scripts. Data operations that require credentials including JDBC URL data connections and Qloud URLs will appear in Credentials Manager.

There are many more improvements and fixes! To find out more, you can read the full Modeler release notes here:

Qloud Highlights:

Quantrix Qloud supports Single Sign on. If Single Sign-on is enabled in Modeler and Enterprise Qloud, Single Sign-on enables authentication via a third-party identity provider.  Administrators need to configure support for single sign-on (QWC-4950). Please see the Single Sign-on help topic for details of the workflow and use, please refer to Modeler release notes for 22.1.2 for additional information.

Qloud now shows each user’s projection in a multi-user Qloud canvas with regard to filtered views, showing only the data for each role (QWC-4820, QWC-1341). The correct role for each user is shown in text boxes, filters, chart titles and group labels, and expressions show the correct role.

The Qloud Help menu now includes drop-downs for Help, and for About (QWC-4876). Help brings you to the Qloud help as it did before.

When you click About from the Help drop-down, the About page displays. From the About page you can click the Modeler Compatibility link showing the Qloud/Modeler Compatibility page, or you can click the Open Source Recognition link to go to the Quantrix web page listing the Open Source Recognition.

You can read the Qloud release notes here:

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