Current Release Notes - Qloud

Note: If you did not upgrade using the last release(s), please use the link below to see prior release notes so you will be informed about changes from prior versions that are included with the current release.

For prior versions of Release Notes please visit them here.

Enterprise Qloud includes all changes i.e., changes for Enterprise Qloud and changes for Public Qloud. Changes specific to Public Qloud, if any, will be indicated as such below.


Enterprise Qloud 22.2.0

Improvements in Enterprise Qloud Version 22.2.0

OAuth in Modeler and Qloud now supports importing data from other Qloud models where Qloud requires OAuth authentication (QWC-4974). OAuth must be configured for the Qloud, the user must have download or checkout access to the model, and both models must be in the same Qloud instance.

Salesforce Data Imports authorized using OAuth are now supported on Qloud (QWC-5147). After initially authorizing Salesforce, future Salesforce Data Imports should not require authorization.

The Models List is improved with two new sort options.

The Models List has a new sort option called Recently Accessed that is now the new default sort option (QWC-4448). Recently Accessed means it was checked out, checked in, initially published or the current user has opened the model (and possibly closed it after opening) on Qloud. The act of just opening a model moves it to the top of the current user's list. Please see Understanding the Models Page for more about sorting and how Recently Accessed works.

The Models List also includes a new sort option called Last Modified that lets you sort the model list by Last Modified date (QWC-2371). Last Modified allows you to see changed models at the top of your models list. Please see Understanding the Models Page for more about sorting and how Last Modified works.

The models list behavior is improved to retain your sort and ascending/descending order preferences across the following actions: when closing/opening a model, logging out and logging back in, closing or exiting a browser and logging back in with a different or the same browser, and timing out and logging back in (QWC-4742).

The new Item Filter is supported on Qloud and users can see and use the filter icon on the Category tile as they do in Modeler provided they have adequate permissions (QWC-5085, QWC-5060). Differences in behavior from Modeler include the following. Filter selections do not update until the user submits them by using the Submit button or by clicking outside the filter tree. Due to the multi-user nature of most Qlouds, when a Qloud user makes filter selections and Submits or clicks away to save them, the user's filter selections are saved on the server and after closing the model, will show for other users if they open the model.
Unlike Modeler, Qloud currently shows the filter icon only on the Category tile and not on the matrix tabs or in the model browser.

Automation is significantly improved with the Run Rule Now button, which you access from Rule details (QWC-4926). You can use Run Rule Now at any time, on any rule you created, and if you have Admin permissions, you can use Run Rule Now on other user's rules.
Run Rule Now lets you build a rule and test it immediately, as well as at any time, irrespective of whether the rule is enabled. If the rule fails to run, you can hover to see the reason it failed, rectify it, and Run Rule again.
Please see the Run Rule Now section in Using Automation for details.

Qloud messaging is improved when an invalid value is entered in a constrained input cell (QWC-5049). The new error messaging is better suited for the Qloud environment, is easily visible and easy to dismiss. The cell reference is provided, making it easy to locate in the model.

To dismiss an error message, simply click anywhere in the message box that pops up in the bottom right or click the "X".  Multiple invalid inputs generate multiple error messages. 

Qloud Enterprise includes the Qloud version on the Admin > Settings > Model Server page, in addition to the Admin > Status page (QWC-4513).


Significant Fixes in Enterprise Qloud Version 22.2.0

Qloud respects all role and permission assignments for each canvas widget on each canvas as set within the Allow Presentation Interaction permissions hierarchy correctly (QWC-5055)

Excel export works correctly and does not issue an error when run from scripted buttons, or appear to hang when run from the toolbar (QWC-5054)

When you make changes to the Canvas filter tray and print to PDF, the correct, currently filtered canvas view is PDF'd (QWC-5053)

All users, regardless of edit layout/format permissions, can now open and view a canvas with snapped matrices (QWC-5143)


Known Issues in Enterprise Qloud Version 22.2.0



Previous Release Notes


Improvements in Enterprise Qloud Version 22.1.0

Quantrix Qloud supports Single Sign on. If Single Sign-on is enabled in Modeler and Enterprise Qloud, Single Sign-on enables authentication via a third-party identity provider.  Administrators need to configure support for single sign-on (QWC-4950). Please see the Single Sign-on help topic for details of the workflow and use, please refer to Modeler release notes for 22.1.2 for additional information, and see the related Known Issue below regarding the Safari browser.

Qloud now shows each user’s projection in a multi-user Qloud canvas with regard to filtered views, showing only the data for each role (QWC-4820, QWC-1341). The correct role for each user is shown in text boxes, filters, chart titles and group labels, and expressions show the correct role.

The Qloud Help menu now includes drop-downs for Help, and for About (QWC-4876). Help brings you to the Qloud help as it did before.
When you click About from the Help drop-down, the About page displays. From the About page you can click the Modeler Compatibility link showing the Qloud/Modeler Compatibility page, or you can click the Open Source Recognition link to go to the Quantrix web page listing the Open Source Recognition.

Qloud now matches Modeler regarding cell-entry and percentages (QWC-4903):
Editing a percent-formatted cell by typing a digit or a minus symbol followed by a digit now correctly displays the value as a percentage and automatically inserts a percent symbol after the digit.

Qloud now closely matches Modeler in displaying long item names in the filter tray (QWC-4928)

With the introduction of the Summarization feature in Modeler, Modelers can choose whether to enable the feature within Modeler's Options/Preferences. Qloud includes an admin-level preference in Model Server Settings, Preferences for Enable Summarization, to turn the summarization feature off if desired. If Summarization is enabled, icons and summarization actions will work as they do in modeler. If Summarization has been enabled in your installation and the admin turns it off, the Summarization icons do not appear (QWC-4936)


Significant Issues Fixed in Enterprise Qloud Version 22.1.0

When logged in as Admin, Admin can share any model or template with any constraints without getting a not-permitted message, and non-admin users are constrained per the assigned constraints (QWC-4920)

Complex operations such as chains of data imports or category item generation no longer throw exceptions or fail to complete (QWC-4949, QWC-4948)

An error no longer occurs in models containing same-named categories that are discrete when moving them such as to a different axis (QWC-4918)

The variable $UserName now returns the Qloud user name where $RoleName works, and returns "Web User" when the user name can't be resolved (QWC-4247). For example the Qloud user name is returned when the variable is used in expressions (excluding item descriptors), in chart titles and labels. Web User is returned when the variable is used in calculations and in some canvas elements.

When using a Scripted Button to export to PDF and CSV the script can now provide the name for the exported file in the script (QWC-4815)

Linux configurations without a Windowing system now print headers and footers using PDF Print (QWC-4819)

Undo and redo now render changes in a canvas containing snapped matrices correctly, when a changed value increases or decreases the number of items in a snapped matrix (QWC-4678) 

An Invalid category identifier error no longer occurs when updating Data Import using a scripted button on a Canvas (QWC-4915)

When a model has perspectives with nested tabs, Qloud now opens the model showing the correct tab with the focus, matching Modeler (QWC-4551)

When the Model Browser is open, and a canvas links to a matrix that resides in nested folders, Qloud now expands the Model Browser folders to show the folder to which the matrix belongs, like Modeler does (QWC-4789)

A matrix on a canvas with no cells showing always displays, and no longer seems to disappear after certain nesting operations on the canvas (QW-4890)

When editing item names where the item has not been manually sized, Qloud now automatically resizes to more closely match Modeler on Windows (QWC-4472). See related Known Issue below for MAC.

The Constrained list dropdown and filter tray dropdown now handle large lists much better, and the performance of filtering in the Constrained list is much faster (QWC-4921) 

Calculated cells no longer show a constraint violation indicator and a constraint error message on hover (QWC-5065)

Dynamic list-based canvas dropdown selection values correctly update when a related value changes (QWC-4867)

Item headers containing filter or sort icons in most cases no longer occasionally truncate text from a word when you double-click to automatically resize (QWC-4302)

Double-clicking to edit a cell now selects the cell contents so that what you type replaces the selected data as it does in Modeler (QWC-4925)

Cut now works via both shortcut keys and the right-click context menu: you can cut cells, items, and descriptors individually or as a range QWC-4832). Due to the continuing known issue described in 21.2.0, cut is still not available with Safari on Mac. 

If a model is locked, a user can scroll through a canvas matrix/chart provided the user has interaction permission on the canvas object (QWC-4933)

An error no longer displays requiring reloading a model in certain scenarios involving descriptors, item changes and undo/redo (QWC-4844)

More friendly messaging is shown when you try to load a model from the models list that has been deleted from the server (QWC-4734, QWC-2997). When you dismiss the message, the models list refreshes and the model has been removed from your models list.


Known Issues in Enterprise Version 22.1.0

When using MAC, editing item names where the item has not been manually sized doesn't resize correctly (QWC-4859)

The Safari browser does not connect properly to grant access to Modeler in OAuth, with the result that clicking the Grant Access button on the Authorization page displays an error (QWC-4969). To use Single Sign-on successfully, use Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.