Current Release Notes - Qloud

Note: If you did not upgrade using the last release(s), please use the link below to see prior release notes so you will be informed about changes from prior versions that are included with the current release.

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Enterprise Qloud includes all changes i.e., changes for Enterprise Qloud and changes for Public Qloud. Changes specific to Public Qloud, if any, will be indicated as such below.

Note: Quantrix is developing a new, more modern UI/UX for Modeler and Qloud. Webhelp images will be updated over time as the new UI/UX evolves. Webhelp images you see in a given release may show legacy images, or may include an earlier iteration of the new UX. Please be patient with us as we update the help for the new UI/UX.


Enterprise Qloud 24.1.1


Significant Fixes in Enterprise Qloud Version 24.1.1

If a LockTimedOutException occurs on the Qloud server the error is handled and the server does not get into a bad state (QWC-5768)

Enterprise Qloud 24.1.0


Improvements in Enterprise Qloud Version 24.1.0

Like Modeler, Qloud now supports using the space bar to toggle the state of boolean cells (QWC-5496). For cell selections whose target cell is constrained to boolean, pressing the space bar changes the T/F state of the boolean constrained cells: it will set all cells of that selection that are constrained to boolean to a value determined by the target cell. If the target cell is empty or has a value of 0 or error, the space bar toggle will set all appropriate cells to 1 (true), otherwise (if the target cell is a non-zero value or non-empty string value) it will set them to 0 (false).

For Qloud Admins, DataPush and Data Import log handling has been improved and they are now output to logs at the DEBUG level rather than the INFO level: reducing the log level should make it easier to monitor INFO level log events particularly when data operations are heavily used (QWC-5707).  If monitoring of data events is desired, an administrator must set the log level on the model server to the following:


Significant Fixes in Enterprise Qloud Version 24.1.0

Entering the less-than symbol (angle bracket), "<", immediately followed by alpha characters no longer causes the cell value to disappear (QWC-5634, F0142866)

A cell in a canvas matrix with scroll bars into which line breaks have been inserted correctly auto-resizes if the height or width of the cell requires it (QWC-5706, F0142285)

When text that is partially formed html is entered in a cell (for example, it is missing brackets or slashes) the cell value no longer disappears (QWC-5682, F0145823)

In a Radio Button group connected to a matrix cell in a canvas, when one of the radio button options is assigned the value 0, it now works as expected (QWC-5683, F0145225)

Certain timeout settings (related to opening and editing a model, for example) have been adjusted to reduce unnecessary timeouts and related messages (QWC-5703)


Known Issues in Enterprise Qloud Version 24.1.0

Automation scripts will run in the time zone of the server, so any dates created through scripted actions or calculation will be in the server time zone and may result in a log warning that mentions SessionTimeZoneProvider (QWC-5534)