Current Release Notes - Qloud

Note: If you did not upgrade using the last release(s), please use the link below to see prior release notes so you will be informed about changes from prior versions that are included with the current release.

For prior versions of Release Notes please visit them here.

Enterprise Qloud includes all changes i.e., changes for Enterprise Qloud and changes for Public Qloud. Changes specific to Public Qloud are listed in the Public Qloud sections below.


Significant Issues Fixed in Enterprise Qloud Version 21.2.2

Cell widgets now reflect changes made to Filter Tray Category Items, and the values correctly match (QWC-4708)

A model with a scripted button on a canvas that has the Background Fill set color to None when published to Qloud correctly retains the transparent effect (QWC-4784). Note that a transparent background on a scripted button will not show a hover state although the cursor changes on hover.

Sending emails from Qloud via Office 365 SMTP server now works correctly (QWC-4806)

Cell value changes now correctly display in cells when they are manually entered or calculated, and don't appear empty or reflect an earlier value in certain scenarios (QWC-4775)

Using Export Model Contents from a model with many views now allows you to scroll to the bottom of available views, select and export the views correctly (QWC-4822)

Qloud Automation scripts, when copied to another model, now correctly run the Automation (QWC-4758, F0125451)

Chart Grid images now correctly scale within their cells and are appropriately sized to their containing cells (QWC-4812)

Known Issues in Enterprise Version 21.2.2

In certain Linux configurations without a Windowing system, PDF Print does not print headers and footers, and an error message is logged.

Auto resize of row Items that should wrap may not resize correctly in some cases, depending on the server type (QWC-4737)