Release Notes - Quantrix Modeler

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Quantrix Modeler 21.2.2

Important Note for Data Import users of Oracle 11 and earlier versions: 

In order to use Oracle 11 or earlier versions that are no longer supported by Oracle, you must add the following property in the vmoptions file:
Adding this property allows you to use Oracle 11 but prevents you from using the Data Import Max Rows feature.

Improvements in Version 21.2.2

Quantrix scripting already has great contextual access to properties and methods (just hit CTRL+Space while in the script editor), but for those who want a more comprehensive view, and to see what's possible outside of Modeler, we now offer a complete online reference (QM-24430). The new documentation is easy to use and navigate, with user concepts linked to their respective methods and properties. For example, if you click "Category", you will see all available methods for every class, and if you click one of the classes, such as for Category background, or font style, more information displays. If you click on an entry that is covered in the Groovy documentation, or is a Java type, we conveniently link you to those respective external sources of documentation.  Please visit the new scripting documentation.

Scripting is improved with the ability to determine the current role that is available for a scripted action (QM-24564). This is done using a new read-only property “role”, which returns a String with the currently logged in role name.

Significant Fixes in Version 21.2.2

An exception no longer occurs when editing a database source configuration and switching between data source types (QM-24464)

An exception no longer occurs in Data Import when issuing certain standard custom SQL statements against an Oracle database (QM-24517).

An exception no longer occurs when copying/pasting sorted Item Descriptor selections (QM-24508)

On Mac/OS, a persistent pop-up window no longer occurs in certain scenarios when using Advanced Find and selecting drop-downs In Selected Views and In Type (QM-24335, F0125587). Note that clicking another drop-down when a drop-down is already showing closes the open pop-up window, and a second click opens the other pop-up window.

Dependency Inspector now evaluates formulas containing #AND#'s and #OR#'s correctly when hovering over a formula line segment and no longer includes values following a comma after the segment (QM-24523 CLOSED , F0129210)

Certain errors no longer occur when changing matrix structure, such as when deleting categories in complex models (QM-24493)

An exception no longer occurs in models that have canvases with scripted buttons when opening and closing those canvases and changing between the perspectives (QM-24514)

Canvases with snapped horizontal matrices adjust correctly to retain/reflect the correct spacing when reopened after a change is made (QM-24431)

When you select a scripted button on a canvas and set the Background Fill color to None, the transparent background effect is correctly retained after you save and reopen the model (QM-24543). Note that a transparent background on the scripted button will not show a rollover or pressed effect.


Known Issues in Version 21.2.2

An exception can occur when creating a Data Import into an existing matrix following a previous Data Import into that same matrix that was rolled back using Undo (QM-24579)