Version 21.1.0 Product Release - Updated

PRESS RELEASE: Version 21.1.0 Product Release Notification

UPDATED: September 16, 2021 – Version 21.1.3 was released to address recent MacOS compatibility issues and select customer reported bugs.

June 10, 2021

PORTLAND, ME – On June 10, 2021 Quantrix released Version 21.1.0 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud. There are a variety of new improvements and fixes with this release, so it is recommended that users update their software as soon as possible. 

Modeler Highlights:

Quantrix Bulletins: Quantrix introduces a new feature called Bulletins that lets you see Quantrix news about product updates, features and perks from within Quantrix Modeler by clicking a small bell-shaped icon in the taskbar.

The green Bulletin icon is a notification of unread bulletins that you can view by clicking the icon or clicking the menu option under Community > Bulletins. The number of unread bulletins displays when you hover over the icon and also shows next to Community > Bulletins. If there are no unread bulletins, the bell icon is a faded blue color.

In the Bulletins toolpane, the bulletin titles are bold (meaning the bulletin is unread) or not bold (read). Click Mark All Read in the bulletins toolpane to mark all messages as read, and use the toolpane check box to choose if you want read bulletins displayed. Although bulletins expire automatically, you can right-click and delete them if desired.

Paste to Data Import: Data Import’s Import > Clipboard now supports using CTRL-V to paste copied delimited text into a Data Import clipboard matrix. For example, you can copy spreadsheet data, open a model, and pressing CTRL-V automatically opens the Import from Clipboard dialog and pastes your copied data to the clipboard matrix. You can also use CTRL-V when there is an empty matrix, or when your focus is on a model browser selection.

Add Category Button: Adding categories has been improved for ease of use, and you can now add categories by clicking a small add category button that shows on both row and column axes for matrices.

Replace Categories: Modeler offers an option (preference) called “Allow drag to replace categories” that lets you drag a category to replace a category in another matrix while also linking the dragged category. This option/preference is enabled by default. When enabled, category replace lets you drag a category from one matrix to another matrix, and drop the category on top of the category you want to replace. Please see the Using Replace Categories topic in the help for important details and rules.

Default Item Names: When you rename a default category name, provided you haven’t changed the default item name for that category, the item name(s) are automatically renamed to match the category name. For example, for a new matrix with the default category named “A”, if you rename category “A” to “Products” the associated item is automatically renamed to “Products1” from the default name of “A1”. If you have category “A1” with multiple items (A1, A2, A3, A4, etc.) and you rename category “A” to “Products”, all items are automatically renamed to “Products1, Products2, Products3, Products4, etc.). This improvement makes it easier to rename multiple categories and immediately see which items belong to which categories.

To find out more, you can read the full Modeler release notes here:

Qloud Highlights:

The online help system delivers significant new functionality and a more modern design. New capabilities include improved search and search result navigation with highlighter control, and enhanced topic actions such as favorites, sharing, emailing and printing.

There are also a variety of significant issues fixed in Enterprise Qloud Version 21.1.0. You can learn more by reading the full release notes.

You can read the Qloud release notes here:

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