Current Release Notes - Qloud

Note: If you did not upgrade using the last release(s), please be try to find the prior release notes at the IDBS Quantrix Customer Community so you will know what has been included with this release.

Enterprise Qloud includes all changes i.e., those listed for Enterprise and Public Qloud.

Improvements in Enterprise Qloud Version 20.2.0

Provided your environment supports it in terms of the model server having the necessary database drivers and database connections, you can run a properly constructed Data Import with Stored Procedures using the Update Data Import toolbar button (QWC-4073)

Enterprise Admin users can choose to add Model Server Preferences (QWC-3923). Currently two are available: Script function timeout(s), and Data Import > Unique Values Limit. For more information please see Quantrix Modeler help in Tools Options (Preferences), Scripting, and Data > Data Import.

Improvements in Public Qloud Version 20.2.0

When deleting hidden items, Qloud now matches Modeler behavior and displays a message explaining that your selection contains non-visible items and asking you if you want to delete them: Yes/No/Cancel (QWC-4008)

Yes - Delete entire selection even if it includes hidden/collapsed items

No -  Delete only the visible items and leave the hidden items

Cancel - Cancel the dialog, do nothing

Significant Issues Fixed in Enterprise Qloud Version 20.2.0

The lists of users that show from the person icon on the Templates List and on the Model Access list no longer appear truncated in the browser in some scenarios (QWC-4075)

Data Import updates that require entry of credentials now correctly prompt for credentials and update successfully provided credentials are entered correctly (QWC-4018, QWC-4019)

Significant Issues Fixed in Public Qloud Version 20.2.0


Known Issues in Enterprise Qloud Version 20.2.0


Known Issues in Public Qloud Version 20.2.0