The Best Software For M&A Modeling

Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) can be defined as the consolidation of businesses through the combination of two or more companies/business units, or one company acquiring another.

Behind the scenes of almost every merger and acquisition is a business analysis model. These models capture assumptions, test scenarios, and guide the decision-making process for business leaders.

From shifting entire industries to impacting the day-to-day lives of individual employees, the impacts of an M&A transaction can be wide-reaching. As a result, it’s crucial that these types are decisions are grounded in accurate, relevant, and representative information. Having the right tool can make all the difference.

Introducing Quantrix

Quantrix is a multi-dimensional financial modeling software designed to be agile and scalable. Not all mergers and acquisitions are the same, so your modeling tool should be able to adapt to your needs.

Importing Data

At the beginning of your M&A model creation, you may want to import financial statements, market data, operational data, and regulatory data to name a few. Quantrix offers you the ability to import data from a wide range of sources and bring it together into a single cohesive view. Even better, you can take a 2-dimensional spreadsheet and transform it into a multi-dimensional model.

Additional Note: data can be brought into predefined structures and quickly transformed

Formulas and Auditing

Whether you’re creating an M&A model or reviewing it as part of a larger team, you’ll want to ensure the validity of the calculations. Quantrix formulas are written in natural language (Gross Profit = Revenue – COGS). This not only makes the formulas easier to understand, but also makes them more efficient. Instead of calculating a single cell, Quantrix formulas are range-based and will calculate entire rows/columns.

There are a significant amount of built-in Quantrix features that will allow you to keep track of changes (Audit Trail) and troubleshoot possible issues within your model. You can learn more about these features on our Data Validation page.

Errors in formulas or cell changes can dramatically impact an entire model. Traditional spreadsheets can make this hard to manage. Gain more confidence by using Quantrix!

Model Structure

Quantrix utilizes linked structure. This type of structure helps to eliminate error-prone Lookup Functions. When you link categories in Quantrix, changes you make in one part of the model will automatically be reflected in others, without needing to manage formula ranges and cell references.

Advanced Scenarios

Quantrix allows users to easily test new scenarios. Dashboards can be created so all members of the team can get their “what-if” questions answered. This can be as simple as clicking Enter on your keyboard or moving a slider to update your assumptions – without having to modify the underlying structure, formulas, or data.

M&A Deadlines

Not surprisingly, many M&A transactions include strict deadlines. M&A professionals must be able to handle all their complex calculations in a timely manner. Quantrix provides the structure and features necessary to accomplish that goal.


Many M&A decisions require teamwork and input from a variety of sources. With Quantrix, you can share your models online using Qloud.  Qloud allows users to make cell edits and test assumptions all within their browser. Additionally, when model owners configure defined user roles and permissions, Qloud users will only have access to the data they need.

All this testing can be done while the underlying model structure remains intact!

Try it today!

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