Discussion: What can you learn from our demos?

Our Senior Solutions Consultant, Lyndsey Weber, has provided countless demos and worked closely with customers in just about every industry. Through this collective experience, she has gained powerful insight into the struggles of spreadsheet users. Although every use case is different, there are many common themes that she has encountered during these meetings. We sat down with Lyndsey recently to discuss her learnings.

Can you describe your role as a Senior Solutions Consultant?

My role is focused on helping potential customers discover how Quantrix can resolve their challenges. Beyond demoing Quantrix and illustrating how our product can help, I spend a lot of time learning about customers’ challenges and partnering with them to ensure that Quantrix is the right fit for their requirements. My job doesn’t end when we gain the business, though – I stick around to ensure our users have the confidence in learning and implementing Quantrix in their teams, and I love brainstorming with customers on new use cases and ideas on how to get even more value out of the product.

How are Quantrix demos structured?

Before we dive into a detailed demo, our team will spend time making sure we really understand your challenges and the requirements we need to meet (or exceed) to earn your trust. I want you to come away from a Quantrix demo with clarity on why and how Quantrix can solve your specific challenges so that you can confidently go to your team for approval and a decision to buy. A typical Quantrix demo lasts about an hour, and we will tailor it to the specific needs and challenges you told us about. We will share a bit about who we are but will spend most of the time in interactive discussion, building a Quantrix model live and showing some examples of fully built models relevant to your use case. The best demo sessions are the ones where you are not afraid to stop me and ask questions or tell me if something strikes a chord.

When speaking to prospects, what are some common themes?

Reducing risk of error, expanding complicated models with greater ease, and enabling people to do their jobs better and more strategically are key themes. Many prospects are looking to break a cycle of labor intensive, spreadsheet-based processes or need a more agile way to do “clean sheet” modeling that their large ERP systems cannot fulfill at the pace the business environment is changing. These are things we have been helping our customers do for almost 20 years.

Are there some FAQs that come up during the demos?

There are always questions on how models in Quantrix can be audited and collaborated on by multiple users. I spend a good portion of time in demos showing Quantrix’s powerful version control, audit trail, and our visual dependency inspector that gives you an explorable “map” of how every cell in a model is connected and calculated. Another key topic that comes up is data integration, so every demo contains a segment on importing data into Quantrix and how we enable users to also push data out of Quantrix and back into their other enterprise systems. I’m often asked about the best way to get started in Quantrix, so I like to give a preview of Quantrix’s built in training models and our free model templates that new users can access instantly – even with our free 30-day trial.

What are some “lightbulb” moments for prospects?

Usually someone raises an eyebrow when we mention a few of our customers’ models that span upwards of a billion cells yet contain just a few hundred formulas – they always wonder how that is possible. I love that curiosity and then the lightbulb moment that comes when they see just a few formulas automatically cascade through hundreds of rows or columns. Formulas in Quantrix are typed in real language or “sentence-style” and I am thrilled when prospects interrupt me as I’m typing and they guess the rest of the formula – even though they have only seen Quantrix for a few minutes! The fact that data in Quantrix can be pivoted on the fly and formulas remain intact is another moment where prospects start to visualize the ways that Quantrix can help make their lives easier and give them greater flexibility. The ability to add a new year, scenario, or growth rate with just a click is something that really unlocks the imagination for a lot of our prospects who see Quantrix for the first time. It never gets old!

Are there any industries that you haven’t worked with?

I’ve had the chance to meet customers from nearly every industry vertical you can think of – investment banking, manufacturing, supply chain, energy, consulting, agriculture, insurance, entertainment…the list goes on! If you check out our list of solutions by industry and don’t see yours there, I would love to meet you. Learning about how businesses operate in different industries is one of my favorite things about my job. Our financial modeling software is designed to work for every use case.

You now offer a new onboarding service. Can you explain that?

We soft-launched our new Accelerate program this year. For customers who are looking for a focused, sprint-style coaching program to get their Quantrix skills sharpened, and their first model prototype stood up quickly, this might be the program for you. It’s a 6-week, 16-hour program where I will coach you on everything you need to know to build your first model on your own. Like an intense fitness bootcamp, it requires time outside the “classroom” and practice modeling on your own. But I’ll be there each step of the way to guide you on best practices, methods, and tips to get your model working. As a result, you’ll build confidence in your own modeling capabilities.

Additionally, we have a great network of partners who can do the model building for you. And of course, you can always self-implement by reviewing our training materials, instructional videos and utilizing our answers forum.

Regardless of whether you choose to work with a partner or participate in the Accelerate program, we’ll help you achieve success through our Onboarding Framework shown below. Find out more about the Quantrix Customer Onboarding Framework.

How can someone get in touch or schedule a demo?

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