#6 of 6 Ways Spreadsheets are Hindering Your Potential: Collaboration

What makes for a great online collaboration tool?

The ability to…

  • share information in a centralized location
  • interact instantly – live chat
  • save/audit your work
  • assign varied roles to users
  • maintain data integrity

Working with your team to review data and make decisions can be incredibly rewarding.  Sharing spreadsheets and insights with different departments can offer an array of opinions, however, it can also create more versions of the truth and more confusion. To ensure you’re making the right decisions, you’ll want the confidence that your data is accurate.

These concerns are even more apparent now, as many people are working from home and sharing data online.

If you’re a modeler or planner, Quantrix can offer peace of mind.

Qloud: Quantrix Online Collaboration

Chat and make edits at the same time: Users can live chat and make edits while viewing the same model on the web.

Role Assignment: Grant some users full Modeler access, while restricting others. This can be tailored for every use case and every individual. This helps to ensure the integrity of your data.

To stay competitive in today’s business climate, you need an agile and sophisticated collaboration tool.  Check out our free trial to see the power of Quantrix for yourself!

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