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In the not too distant past, online collaboration in the workplace was time-consuming. Employees would gather information, create their necessary spreadsheets and then email their work to their other colleague(s). Only then could the other collaborators make edits or input data. Today, things have changed. Business moves fast and organizations require an immediate turnaround. Companies have come to understand the value of online collaboration software.

Collaboration is crucial in today’s business environment. To succeed, companies need to relay information quickly and, just as importantly, accurately. Within a single office, documents need to reach coworkers and management for review, approval and decision-making purposes. This can become more difficult when employees are spread out geographically. Larger companies have satellite offices around the world and employees at smaller companies may work remotely. Additionally, in many cases, employees travel for work. Whatever the situation, the need to share information remains paramount. The solution to this dilemma is a powerful online collaboration software.

What are the aspects of a great online collaboration software?

The ability to…

  • share information in a centralized location
  • interact instantly – live chat
  • save/audit your work
  • assign varied roles to users
  • maintain data integrity

Software Option

Companies may have a variety of reasons they need to collaborate online. Depending on the needs of your company, you may require different software options. This blog will discuss the benefits of using Quantrix in this capacity.

Find out if Quantrix is a good fit for you:

Quantrix offers a powerful desktop modeling tool – Modeler – in addition to an online option, Qloud. In Modeler, you are able to build robust multi-dimensional models. With Qloud, you can share these models online.

Sharing Information

With Quantrix Qloud, you can easily share your models and collaborate simultaneously with others. After you have uploaded your models to Qloud, you can select who you would like to share the model with and designate their individual privileges. You designate and the control the model, allowing some users to edit and others to simply view the information. Make this as specific as you would like, right down to the cell level.

Interactive Interface

Financial statements, forecasts and budgets all require routine updating. One or more people may need to work within a document at once. In Qloud, multiple users can work on the model at the same time online. In addition, the software features a live chat. Talk directly to your colleagues to ensure that you are accomplishing your necessary goals.

Build interactive dashboards with the Quantrix Canvas feature. Use sliders, buttons, and other widgets to bring your graphs, charts and data to life.

Saving/Audit Capabilities

In instances where users are working on the model at different times, Qloud offers the option of saving/tagging your edits. Leave a note and comment about the changes you made. Users who log into Qloud later can find out if there were any updates made to the model. Further, when the model is checked out in Modeler, users can turn on the Audit Trail. With this feature enabled, users can see all the changes that have been made, and the order they were modified.

Role Assignment

In Qloud, users can pivot, filter and add data depending on the role they are assigned. As mentioned above, users can be granted full Modeler access, while others might simply be able to view the content. This can be tailored as needed and on the fly.

In the interest of model preservation users will not have access to the formulas when they are online. This safeguard prevents anyone from ‘breaking’ the model. The underlying structure of the model will remain consistent until it is checked-out to the desktop application and edited by a modeler.


Today’s work environment requires a great deal of flexibility. To make quick decisions and stay competitive, businesses are utilizing a wide variety of online collaboration tools. If your company needs to create and share financial information in a timely and accurate manner, Quantrix might be the right choice for you. Request a Free Trial or Book a Demo today to see the power of Quantrix for yourself!


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