Whitepaper: You Can't Always Get from A to B

The complexities of today’s business requirements have outpaced the capabilities of currently available two-dimensional (X and Y) spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Finance and data modeling professionals are challenged on a daily basis to deliver accurate and timely answers to business questions using a 25 year old paradigm.

At stake is the viability of the business – the ability to make sound, informed decisions about budget planning, resource allocation, investments, expansion, or diversification. The financial community requires an easy to-use, “best-of-breed” software application that addresses the challenges of complex modeling tasks.

In this whitepaper, learn how the financial industry can attain new levels of business clarity and improved decision-making with the power of Quantrix’s dynamic multidimensional modeling capability. This case study illustrates specific applications and benefits for professionals engaged in complex, mission-critical financial modeling.