Quantrix Qloud Packaging

Quantrix Qloud is the premier way to share model-based applications online, ranging from simple data capture or budget & forecast apps all the way to complex, full S&OP or multi-step project quoting systems. Our customers also range in size from individual consultants to multi-national, Fortune 500 organizations.

We offer multiple tiers of service so that any of the above can match their requirements to our capabilities, not pay for features they won’t use, and upgrade at any time as their needs expand.

Below please find a brief description of each tier and a capability matrix describing key differences among the different tiers of Quantrix Qloud.




Online Interactive Models

Model Sharing

Granular User Roles

Tag / Version Tracking

PDF Reporting

Dedicated Instance

Data Source Connect

Multi-User Editing

Qloud Deployed Scripts


User Groups

Qloud Templates

Metadata Service

Single Sign-On

Enhanced Server Specs


Quantrix Qloud is a hosted, multi-tenant SaaS offering that allows organizations to share model-based applications with users wherever they may be. Simply publish & share your model/app and your users will be able to input data, create new scenarios, interact with data and charts and make informed business decisions. The data in your Qloud models will be embedded, as captured by Quantrix Modeler clients. Individuals or small businesses may find this tier the ideal solution for sharing the results of consulting work, capturing customer demand forecasts online, gathering internal forecast information from multiple stakeholders or many other cases.

Qloud Enterprise

Quantrix Qloud Enterprise, is either a hosted, dedicated-tenant SaaS or a self-installed on premises solution that has all of the capabilities and value of Quantrix Qloud, with the additional ability to connect, refresh, and push to your enterprise data sources via VPN or cloud peering. Larger businesses will likely have many model-based applications connecting to multiple systems, facilitating multiple work processes that might also require automation, custom behaviors via scripting, and report generation.

Qloud Enterprise Plus

Quantrix Qloud Enterprise Plus further extends Qloud Enterprise capabilities with higher performance server backing to support more or larger sized models and more connected clients, partitioned into groups/teams. Additionally, Qloud templates allow creating new copies of a model structure entirely online, as might be required to iteratively make new customer proposals or projects using a best-practice model. Business logic within model children supports code versioning so that changes can be compared and propagated across all copies. Qloud Enterprise Plus also supports Single Sign-on with compatibility to Microsoft Azure AD.