The Power of Always-On Pivoting and Filtering

Pivoting and filtering are powerful techniques that allow financial modelers to transform complicated datasets into actionable insights.

Data can uncover trends, mitigate risk, and shine a light on numerical anomalies. Pivoting and filtering data can make these insights even more obvious.

Benefits of pivoting and filtering data

  • enhanced data exploration
  • targeted analysis
  • improved data visualization
  • faster decision-making

Unlike traditional 2-dimensional spreadsheets, Quantrix models are built with a multi-dimensional calculation engine. That means, by default, Quantrix model structure is already designed to be pivoted and filtered.

Always-On Pivoting

Let’s look at the example below. In Quantrix, you’re able to reorganize your view by dragging category tiles from one axis to another. You can also change the hierarchy of your data by adjusting the tiles within an axis.

You’ll also notice that our Natural Language Formula (Gross Profit = Revenue – COGS) remains intact no matter how many times we move the tiles. There’s no need for pivot-specific formulas and pivot table refreshing.

Easy Data Filtering

Quantrix makes it easy to filter data. Below, you’ll see two straightforward ways to refine the view of your matrix.

Filter Tray: Dragging category tiles into the filter tray (section north of the matrix) instantly creates a filter based on that category. Once there, the category tile will no longer appear in the matrix. Instead, you will be able to use the drop down to only show the details you want to view. Multiple categories can be in the filter tray at the same time.

Item Filters: When hovering over a category tile, you’ll notice a blue filter icon. Clicking this icon will display an item filter tree. This will allow you to select only the items you want to see.

Want to learn more about filtering in Quantrix? Watch our session on Advanced Filtering.

The multi-dimensional structure of Quantrix allows for users to gain important insights quickly. In today’s fast-paced business environment, making informed decisions can help businesses stay ahead of their competition. Want to learn more? We offer a free 30-day trial and personalized demos.

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