Best Alternative to Spreadsheets for Large Data Sets

If you work with large amounts of data, you may have experienced

  • slow calculation times
  • difficulty auditing formulas
  • general storage problems
  • trouble navigating your model

Although spreadsheets are designed to be agile, in the presence of large models, they’re prone to break down. If you’ve dealt with any of these complications, you’re likely in need of a new solution.

Introducing Quantrix, a software designed for larger data sets! In this blog, we’ll discuss how Quantrix is able to meet all of these challenges and more!

Quantrix Modeler

Slow calculation times?

Quantrix utilizes a Multi-Dimensional Calculation Engine. Unlike 2-Dimensional spreadsheets, Quantrix offers formulas that can calculate across entire columns and rows. For many larger models this results in a significant decrease in calculation time.

Quantrix uses Real Language Formulas, otherwise known as Natural Language Formulas. As the name suggests, these formulas are written exactly how you would say them. For instance, if you wanted to explain the Gross Profit formula to someone, you would say Gross Profit = Revenue – COGS. That’s exactly how the formula would be written in Quantrix!

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about hidden formulas in cells because Quantrix formulas are separated from the structure.

Natural Language Formulas

Difficulty auditing formulas?

Reviewing your business models for accuracy is a complicated but necessary task.

Quantrix has a variety of built-in tools designed to help maintain your models.

As you read earlier, Natural Language Formulas greatly impact the comprehensibility of your model, making it much easier to audit.

Audit Trial

In addition to the formulas, Quantrix offers an Audit Trail. With this feature turned on, you’ll be able to track and monitor all the changes made to your model. Never wonder “who made this change” or “when did this change happen” again.

Dependency Inspector

Quantrix also has a Dependency Inspector. This tool allows you to navigate through every dependency within a formula. Simply open the tool, click a cell, and trace all the calculations.

Problems Pane

The Problems Pane is another feature Quantrix users rely on when auditing their models. This tool will list out all errors and warnings accompanied by descriptions and locations.

Spreadsheet storage limits?

A common question we get from new Quantrix users is: how many cells can a Quantrix model process?

If you’re concerned about the size of your model, you’re not alone. Many spreadsheets have a maximum cell count. With Quantrix, there are no set size limits. Even 32-bit machines can handle models of up to 10 million cells comfortably. With 64-bit computers, a decent processor and plenty of memory, you can calculate over a billion cells.

It’s easy to link one Quantrix model to another to further distribute the load.

Trouble navigating your model?

Locating specific aspects of a large spreadsheet model can be difficult, especially if you weren’t the one who created it. That said, with Advanced Find in Quantrix you can easily search your entire model for keywords that show up in matrices, charts, formulas, items, group names, and dashboards. Additionally, you can always organize your model by putting certain matrices into folders and using your Model Browser as a quick way to navigate your model.

Advanced Find


If your large models are giving you headaches, there’s a better way! Quantrix was designed to address all the major pitfalls found within traditional spreadsheets. Find out how much time and effort you can save by making the switch to Quantrix.

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