What software models financial information?

What software models financial information? If you’re asking this question, you may have experienced the inefficiencies of traditional spreadsheets and now you’re seeking a better alternative. From balance sheets and income statements to cash flow statements and forecast models, you need a software that can securely and accurately represent your business.

Not surprisingly, the best software to model financial information is a Financial Modeling Tool. Unlike spreadsheets, Financial Modeling Tools are designed to scale as your business grows. They can also help you accurately forecast the future of your business by answering your ‘what-if’ questions.

Although there are a variety of Financial Modeling Solutions and Enterprise Planning Tools, we want to highlight Quantrix and show the features that we believe are most impactful in financial modeling.

About Quantrix

Quantrix is a multi-dimensional financial modeling solution used by businesses around the world.

Quantrix Modeler is a desktop application that allows you the agility to create just about any type of model. Quantrix Qloud allows you to share your models online without compromising their integrity. Combined, Modeler and Qloud are the perfect complement.

Logic is Separated from the Structure

When your formulas are separated from the cells, you can ensure your structure remains intact, even as the model grows.

Natural Language Formulas

Formulas in Quantrix can be written using Real Language. This makes it so much easier for anyone reading your models to understand the calculations. Say ‘goodbye’ to the days of writing = B35 – C35 and ‘hello’ to writing Gross Profit = Revenue – COGS.

Import and Export Data

To build accurate financial models, you’ll want to import existing data. Quantrix makes this easy! There are a variety of options for you to Import including: Google Sheets, Salesforce, a Text File or even a Database.

Expanding Your Models (Adding New Regions, Products etc.)

Businesses are always changing. They must adapt to global factors such as pandemics or internal circumstances such as introducing a new product. In turn, financial models require edits and updating. What if you could add new products, regions, years or any other category to your model simply by pressing enter? With Quantrix, you can! When your formulas are separated, it’s easy to extend your model without breaking the structure.

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Software Options

If you’re looking for a software that’s more powerful than traditional spreadsheets to model all your financial information, look no further. When it comes to Agility, Scalability and Structure, Quantrix has it all!



Enterprise Planning Tools




NonePre-built, little customizationFlexible structure


Now that you’ve seen some of the major benefits of Quantrix, you may be thinking: what’s next?

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