Best Business Planning Software

All plans change, some more than others

When external factors impact your business, you’ll have to answer a series of questions. What is my financial outlook? What can I afford to do? And what changes should be made to my business?

How are these questions answered?

To answer these questions, modelers and planners take existing data and develop assumptions to create financial, operational and supply chain models.

Though these models may have different goals, the software that creates them should have a common set of qualities.

The best planning software should be…

  • Agile: allow users the ability to add/change scenarios or assumptions on the fly
  • Auditable: users must be able to follow the changes that have been made within the model
  • Efficient: models can contain millions of cells – the software must be able to calculate even the largest models
  • Collaborative/Shareable: the models need to be shared with key decision-makers

If you are a data modeler or planner, you understand the struggle of creating business plans with traditional spreadsheets. The lack of agility hinders your ability to create robust models. Quantrix is designed to help modelers and planners increase their agility. You can, for example, add scenarios quickly and easily to your models. Additionally, the natural language formulas in Quantrix can calculate for entire rows and columns. No longer do you need to worry about formulas in cells.

Quantrix has specific features dedicated to auditability. For instance, when the Audit Trail is turned on, it allows users the ability to follow all the changes that have been made to the model. The software also contains a Dependency Inspector. This feature offers users the chance to trace their formulas to find out where the numbers came from and where they are going.

Traditional spreadsheets can handle basic structure, but in the presence of multiple products and regions, the models can quickly become unmanageable. To combat this common issue, Quantrix separates the formulas from the cells. This means fewer total formulas! The Quantrix multi-dimensional calculation engine allows modelers the ability to react in real time with greater precision, making it incredibly efficient.

Once your model has been created, you’ll want to share your findings so that others can review, and decisions can be made. Quantrix has a special offering called Qloud. With Qloud, the models can be shared online so key individuals or teams can get access to the data.

If your organization’s plans have changed, you probably have noticed the limitations of your current spreadsheet solution. The time and effort needed to maintain or extend your existing models can become burdensome. There is a better, more efficient way!

To make the best strategic choices, key decision-makers need a model they can trust. Quantrix provides a fast, auditable experience for building models from scratch. Further, the models can adapt and change over time. With Quantrix, you’ll be able to add new scenarios into your models and answer your “what-if” questions instantly.

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