#5 of 6 Ways Spreadsheets are Hindering Your Potential: Efficiency

Are your spreadsheets efficient? You may not realize the flaws in your spreadsheets. Determine the health of your spreadsheets and data models by completing the checklist below.

Spreadsheet Best Practices Checklist:

Checklist ItemCompleted?
1     The number of formulas in my workbook is reasonable*?
2     I can maintain and update my model at a moment’s notice?
3     I can audit each of my formulas to ensure they are working correctly?
4     If I share my model, I am confident that the data will remain unaltered?
5     There is only one version of the truth?
6     The size of my data is not impacting my performance?
7     The structure of my model is easy for others to comprehend?
8     The person who created the spreadsheet still works at my company?

* To find out how may formulas you have per Excel worksheet, press F5, choose “Special…” Then, click the radio button for Formulas, click OK and see the count in the status bar.

Your Score: _______

If you couldn’t check all the boxes or are unsure about any item(s) on the checklist, you may have an unhealthy spreadsheet. Don’t worry! There is a cure. You can correct these issues by using a tool specifically made for modelers and planners: Quantrix. There are a variety of ways spreadsheets could be hindering your potential. Continue reading to learn more about how your spreadsheets could be costing you time and money.

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