#3 of 6 Ways Spreadsheets are Hindering Your Potential: Flexibility

Your company’s data tells a story. Your financial models should readily describe the profitability and overall health of your organization. But like any good story, there are plot twists. You add product lines, sell to new regions, hire new employees. As these changes occur, your models will need to adapt. Because spreadsheets weren’t designed for modeling, models constructed with spreadsheets grow fragile over time, taking increasing amounts of effort to keep them running, and eventually they can shatter with important business consequences. Data modelers who use spreadsheets shoulder the responsibility and risk of the spreadsheet approach and their progress is slowed by continuous care and feeding – manual insertion of rows, copy/paste of formulas to fill gaps, data reconciliation, and error checking. Is your financial model a mystery story or even a horror story…?

There’s a better way! Quantrix offers a flexible, multidimensional experience wherein one single formula can govern entire logical regions of the model. Added items simply inherit those formulas and compute as expected with no additional work. Modelers who use Quantrix make changes with confidence and spend less time auditing, instead focusing their effort on new scenarios and opportunities for the business. What planning organization wouldn’t want to write their business future as a thriller instead of a tragedy?

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