#2 of 6 Ways Spreadsheets are Hindering Your Potential: Scalability

When your business grows, it naturally changes: new hires, new offices and more equipment, to name a few. These changes have knock on effects, and compound one another as you work to adjust processes, fill gaps and accommodate new behaviors. Your operational and financial models should help you not hinder you on this growth journey. They should, in effect, be a digital twin for the business, allowing you to monitor health, experiment on the impact from plan adjustments, and benefit from structure as you execute and measure success. If you are using spreadsheets to account for new customers, new locations and new products they can quickly become overwhelmed and even break down as you struggle to manage formulas, relationships and the spreadsheet artifacts that hold them.

Spreadsheet solutions might be considered ‘free’ or inexpensive from a technology perspective, but from a scalability perspective, they consume more time and effort than the value they produce.

Modelers and planners need an option that is purpose built for scalability. Quantrix can help!

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