Software for Commercial Real Estate

The Commercial Real Estate Landscape 

Commercial real estate professionals require a great deal of power, flexibility and versatility in their planning software because every deal is unique.

They must be able to answer a variety of questions in a timely and accurate manner. Failing to do so could result in significant losses in profits and opportunity.

Some of these questions include:

    • What does our cash flow analysis tell us?
    • How should we manage our assets?
    • What if we did this instead of that?
    • What would happen if we developed a partnership for a joint venture?

Although one firm’s portfolio may differ from another, many of their challenges remain consistent. For commercial real estate professionals to feel confident in their decision making, they need a software solution that they can trust.

Quantrix delivers this solution!

Cash Flow Analysis

On a basic level, it is crucial for every company to understand how money is flowing through the business. This affords management-level workers key insights into how much cash their company has at a particular time.  This analysis can become even more involved when dealing with pro forma cash flow waterfalls, as found in commercial real estate. Quantrix has a multi-dimensional calculation engine, which allows users the ability to react in real time with greater precision. Additionally, Quantrix has a dependency inspector so that users can visually inspect and trace their models and formulas, ensuring accuracy.

Data Management

Today, business professionals have access to great amounts of data. As the internet continues to reach more people, so does the amount of data that is produced. While the availability of the data grows, the need to gather the data in a single location also continues to reach new heights.

Data can come in a variety of forms and from a slew of sources. Quantrix offers the ability to bring this data together. Users can import data from a Database, another Matrix, Salesforce, a text file, XML or Clipboard.

What-if & Forecasting

Understanding potential scenarios helps commercial real estate professionals plan for the future. With Quantrix, users are able to layer multiple scenarios into their models on the fly, thereby allowing them to ask “what-if” questions. They can figure out their best/worst case scenarios quickly and easily. By considering past, present and future conditions, Quantrix can help users produce accurate forecasts. Ultimately, this can assist users with their decision-making. For instance, they will be in a better position to decide whether a partnership is next best step.


Quantrix software focuses on accuracy. Whether you are conducting an in-depth cash flow analysis or simply monitoring assets, Quantrix can help to ensure that your calculations are working as they should. In addition to the dependency inspector (mentioned above), Quantrix Modeler also features natural language formulas that are separate from the cells. Rather than writing =A2-B7, Quantrix users can write Net Income=Sales-Expenses. One formula can calculate for entire rows and columns. This kind of formula writing makes model comprehension much easier. Further, because they are separate from the cells, the formulas will not break when the data is pivoted and filtered.


In almost every industry, once the calculations are performed, the results will need to reach another set of eyes. Decision makers will need to review the findings and make choices for the future. Quantrix offers an option on the web called Qloud. With Qloud, users can review, share and edit models using any browser on any web-enabled device. In fact, multiple people can work on the model at once. If needed, different permissions can be granted for different users. To read more about our Qloud offering, check out one of our previous blogs!


For years Quantrix has provided companies with modeling solutions. Our software is particularly well suited to deal with large datasets, like those found in commercial real estate. If you are currently using another solution, we urge you to give Quantrix a try! Request a free trial or book a demo today.


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