Quantrix Authority – 300th Video!

In April of 2015, Quantrix posted a blog titled Rich Lopez, aka the “Quantrix Authority,” Creates YouTube Channel for Quantrix Users. That blog featured an interview with Rich Lopez, an avid Quantrix user, who decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated to assisting and growing the Quantrix community. Although he had a full-time job, Rich wanted to spend some of his spare moments creating helpful videos for other Quantrix users.

At the time of the blog, Rich had posted eight videos geared toward beginner and intermediate modelers. Although there were a variety of potential video topics, Rich wanted to focus his content. Within three to five minutes, Rich hoped to share useful tips in his videos and answer viewer questions along the way. As he put it: “whenever someone asks me a question, I try to answer it.” He was also asked about how many videos he planned on making. Rich replied: “I have eight videos online now, and if I get to 100, I know I will have really accomplished something.” Since then, Rich has gone on to post an additional 292 videos, always remaining true to his initial intent: create helpful content for the Quantrix community. Truly an amazing feat!

The 300th video (below) highlights some of the greatest aspects of Quantrix Modeler. The video is titled: 300 – Aggregate Indirectly Related Matrices – Multi Dimensional Magic of Quantrix.

Congratulations Rich! We look forward to watching the next 300.