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Financial advisors and corporate finance departments are always looking for better ways to plan. People working in this field utilize existing data to help determine the best decisions moving forward. Cash, asset and investment figures, along with educated assumptions about the future, give finance departments enough information to inform key decision makers about forthcoming deals.

As these deals can have major impacts on individuals and businesses, it is vital that financial analysts are using a professional software, capable of handling multiple scenarios. With a multi-dimensional calculation engine, Quantrix Modeler is able to handle these types of tasks.

With ‘one-click,’ Quantrix users can add scenarios into their models to ask ‘what-if’ questions.

Further, analysts should use a software that is accurate. Corporate managers should feel confident that they are making sound decisions, backed up by their data. Unlike some traditional spreadsheet tools, Quantrix utilizes natural language formulas, which often decrease the number of overall formulas. Cell-based formulas calculate based on the cell’s location (ex. = B34 – C34).  Natural language formulas, on the other hand, calculate based on titles, as shown below:

Without as many formulas, there is less to audit and worry about. However, it is nonetheless important for users to have the ability to go back and verify their calculations. That is why Quantrix Modeler offers a dependency inspector. The Quantrix dependency inspector allows users the ability to trace their formulas back to their start.

Once calculated, the models can easily be shared in Qloud, the Quantrix online environment. Management can review and edit the financial planning models, then make their decisions. The ease of use and peace of mind that Quantrix offers is a perfect combination for anyone looking to use financial planning software.

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