On-demand Webinar: Quantrix 2018 Version 1.1 Overview

In this webinar, Quantrix Director Mike Salisbury takes you on a tour of Release 2018, and gives you a sneak peek in some upcoming features in the next Release 2018 version 2.0. Mike reviews:


  • Dynamically control items in a category via the new category item generation functionality
  • Write Quantrix formulas faster than ever before with dynamic formula auto complete
  • Solve complex optimization problems with the new Quantrix built-in Solver
  • Leverage the new lookup formula “SelectLike” for more dynamic formula aggregation queries


  • Share models quicker and easier by leveraging user groups
  • Add dynamic matrix filters and multi-column sorts directly in matrices on Qloud
  • Use the new summation toolbar to quickly check results
  • Communicate with other Qloud model collaborators through the enhanced Qloud chat functionality

Additionally, Mike gives a sneak peek to the upcoming redesign of Find & Replace on Desktop and Templates on Qloud.

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