Version 19.3.0 Product Release

PRESS RELEASE: Version 19.3.0 Product Release Notification

November 7, 2019

PORTLAND, ME – On November 7, 2019 Quantrix released Version 19.3.0 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud. This release features many new improvements and fixes. With all these new benefits, it is recommended that you update your software as soon as possible.

To make the update to Modeler, open the program and then select Update from the left side on the launch panel.

Modeler highlights:

Data Import now supports the conversion of DataLinks to Data Import: the Data menu includes a new option, Convert to a Data Import, allowing you to open a DataLink model and convert the DataLinks to Data Import. Further, Data Import includes a powerful new category linking feature: You can now drag a data import category to a matrix that has a different data source and contains a category of the same name and type, and have the matrices update with row items from that field in both matrices.

Data Import’s Data Browser is also improved and lets you switch between open data import matrices with a single-click on the related query in the data browser or using arrow keys. Additionally, Data Import now supports the ability (found in DataLink/DataPush) to create a Data Item Category. Make sure to read the full Modeler notes to find out more about Data Import.

In addition to the Data Import improvements, communication between Modeler and Qloud has been improved regarding the Check Out process and authentication, and occasional errors should no longer display. Also, errors no longer occur in Modeler when saving or publishing to Qloud when a user with partial permissions drags matrices/views and then saves or publishes.

These are just some of the highlights. You can read the full Modeler release notes here:

Qloud highlights:

Qloud has a new Auto-size entry feature that allows users the ability to enter values or text in a cell that exceed the cell/column width and the cell width automatically widens when you click Enter to fit the data entered unless the user has manually set the column/cell width.

Security has also been improved regarding the validity of model edit requests to ensure that improper edit requests are rejected.

The text size on a canvas should now display similarly in Modeler and on Qloud, providing a consistent view of the canvas in both. Additionally, when printing a canvas, Qloud now respects the canvas boundary and sizes the print job based on the content rather than the size of the viewable space.

In Enterprise Qloud, Formula Merge has been improved with a re-design of the Formula Changes and Merge List page. Further, when Sign Up is enabled, a new Pending tab displays in Admin > Users to show users who have signed up but have not confirmed their account.

And you can read the public Qloud release notes here:

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