Quantrix Releases Major Enhancements to Quantrix Modeler for Business Modeling, Forecasting, and Planning

PORTLAND, ME – January 8, 2013 – Quantrix has announced a major update to Quantrix Modeler, its business modeling and analytics (BMA) software solution. This new version adds a number of improvements that speed calculation times and enhance the presentation of data. Quantrix Modeler is a multi-dimensional business modeling and analytics software solution that enables financial professionals to break away from the restrictions of spreadsheet technology and enterprise business intelligence applications to quickly develop financial models of the highest integrity, flexibility, and transparency.

“Increasingly, companies are recognizing that desktop spreadsheets are no longer adequate for the kinds of analyses they need to do,” says Robert Kugel, SVP & Research Director – Business Research at Ventana Research. “They need better tools that will enable them to handle heavier data loads and the more complex and sophisticated analysis they need to manage their business more successfully. These companies are using Quantrix in a growing array of situations because it enables them to quickly extract meaning from data. The new enhancements make it easier to manipulate large volumes of data and present the findings to decision makers.”

“It’s not enough to have a great tool that enables people to build accurate and insightful models from business data – it must also make it easy for viewers to understand the data,” says David Phillips, Marketing Director, Quantrix. “Our new version includes features that make modeler’s lives easier, including faster calculation times and improved data integrity between data sources, but it also makes it easier for them to enhance the data-viewing experience for others.”

New features of Quantrix Modeler 5 include:

  • Multithreaded Calculation: Model calculation can now be split across multiple processors to decrease calculation time by 25 to 50 percent. Users with 64-bit computing capability can build Quantrix models with hundreds of millions of cells; this new capability dramatically speeds calculation time. Model builders can now choose among three calculation options: cell-based, range-based, and multi-threaded.
  • Presentation Canvas Enhancements: The new version of Quantrix Modeler includes a number of improvements to the ways that model builders can present data to users and viewers. These are particularly important for companies that use Quantrix to develop models as a service for clients, as they can now brand models, organize canvasses into distinct sections, and use new controls to build forms on canvasses to reduce the amount of viewer interaction required to see relevant data.
  • Charting Improvements: The new version of Quantrix Modeler improves layout, data display, and coloring of charts to enhance data viewing and improve readability for users. The new version also enables model builders to save chart arrangements as reusable templates.
  • Persistent Database Connection for DataLink and DataPush: Quantrix Modeler now preserves the referential integrity of data across multiple models using JDBC/ODBC connections; when moving data into Quantrix Modeler with DataLink, or from Quantrix Modeler to a data base via DataPush, users can save the database connection configuration.

Quantrix Modeler version 5 is available immediately; for more information or to activate a free trial, visit https://www.quantrix.com.

About Quantrix

Quantrix’s business modeling and analytics (BMA) solutions and services enable companies to develop accurate, secure, and dynamic forecast, budget, planning, risk, and data models. Quantrix Modeler provides unprecedented business intelligence and improved business performance management to customers in 50 countries. It delivers rapid return on investment by empowering business and financial professionals to break away from restrictive two-dimensional spreadsheets and complicated modeling and business intelligence tools. Quantrix Modeler is available directly from the company and from its partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, the Philippines, Italy, and Brazil. Quantrix is an independent business unit of IDBS, a leading worldwide provider of data management, analytics, and modeling solutions. For more information about Quantrix Modeler, or to activate a free 30-day trial, visit https://www.quantrix.com or call +1 207.775.0808.