Quantrix Launches Private Cloud for Enterprise Business Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting Models

PORTLAND, ME – October 21, 2014 – Quantrix announces the release of Enterprise Qloud, a cloud-based version of its Quantrix Modeler business modeling and analytics solution that enables customers to host models in their own private cloud environment. It also announces changes to its Hosted Qloud environment that ease collaboration and sharing of business models for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Quantrix Modeler is a multidimensional business planning software solution that enables financial professionals to break away from the restrictions of spreadsheet technology and enterprise business intelligence applications to quickly develop financial models of the highest integrity, flexibility, and transparency.

“Business and finance professionals need to collaborate on models, and cloud-based access is key. But companies need options beyond the public cloud. These new enhancements to the Quantrix Qloud give the right access for every business,” says Michael Salisbury, Senior Product Manager, Quantrix. “Enterprises can now host collaborative models in their own environment, and other firms and consultancies can use our hosting while providing levels of access that meet their needs and their budget.”

With Enterprise Qloud, companies can share and collaborate on cloud-based models that are hosted on their own network and behind company firewalls. This version is ideal for companies that restrict information sharing on publicly hosted networks, but that need to provide a holistic view of consolidated financial data, have distributed operations, or want to improve model collaboration and access in business planning and decision-making. In a recent survey of business and finance professionals, Quantrix found that a full 54 percent of respondents cite that better web accessibility makes business-planning tools more useful.

Quantrix also has improved collaboration offerings on its Hosted Qloud services, where customers can host and share models on the Quantrix Qloud. Modelers now can share models without requiring users to purchase a subscription to the Qloud. In addition, modelers can assign access levels to users for viewing and editing. Consultancies can develop and deliver interactive models to clients with real-time data, with no desktop software to install, or servers to purchase and manage.

Modelers can choose from three Hosted Qloud subscription levels:

  • Gold: 20 Qloud Users; publish up to 10 models
  • Silver: 10 Qloud Users; publish up to five models
  • Bronze: Five Qloud Users; publish up to two models

For more information about the Quantrix Qloud, visit the Qloud webpage.

About Quantrix

Quantrix’s business modeling and analytics (BMA) solutions and services enable companies to develop accurate, secure, and dynamic forecast, budget, planning, risk, and data models. Quantrix Modeler provides unprecedented business intelligence and improved business performance management to customers in 50 countries. It delivers rapid return on investment by empowering business and financial professionals to break away from restrictive two-dimensional spreadsheets and complicated modeling and business intelligence tools. Quantrix Modeler is available directly from the company and from its partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, the Philippines, Italy, and Brazil. Quantrix is an independent business unit of IDBS, a leading worldwide provider of data management, analytics, and modeling solutions. For more information about Quantrix Modeler, or to activate a free 30-day trial, visit https://www.quantrix.com or call +1 207.775.0808.

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