Customer Success Story – Power Market Consulting

We had the chance to connect with many Quantrix customers at our annual Seminar by the Sea user conference, and several of them agreed to share their stories on video. Henry Shin is the principal of Power Market Consulting, and has used Quantrix to develop OASISLive, a tool that models congestion revenue rights (CRR) in California’s power market.

The owners of power lines and towers have introduced financial rights to transmission capacity, and these CRRs are a financial instrument traded by banks, trading houses, and power marketing firms. Power Market Consulting’s OASISLive uses Quantrix’s multidimensional data modeling technology to model CRR transactions.

“I saw right away that the fundamental approach to looking at problems people are dealing with is very different with Quantrix,” says Shin in the video. “We’re in the business of helping our clients…we want to improve and change the things they do.”

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