New to Quantrix? Let’s Get Started!

Whether you are a new customer or just started your free 30-day trial, this page has a variety of content specifically designed to help you get started. Learning a new software should be a fun and exciting experience! With that in mind, we have put together a combination of entertaining videos and models. Start modeling today!

Everything you need to start your Quantrix journey is right here:

DOWNLOAD: Getting Started – Tutorial Model
This model is a step-by-step guide to the Quantrix basics, including writing formulas, data import, canvas design and model security. The interactive experience will help you to learn and practice right in the product.

Make the most out of your 30-day trial. Get started today!

WATCH: Video – Introduction to Quantrix
This video provides you some background on Quantrix and shows you how to build your first model. Learn key concepts and see how a forecast model is created. You’ll learn how to build structure, write formulas, link categories and so much more.

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READ: Quantrix Help Resources
Want to learn more about a specific topic? Visit our product Help pages to get oriented and read about the basics.  You can also search for specific functions and features to grow your understanding.

The Help pages are available for Modeler and Qloud.

TRY: Other Example Models
Quantrix has a variety of examples model you can try out. You can filter by industry to find the right example for you. Modeler also offers sample models on the launch panel after you start the program.

The sample models offer a small glimpse into what Quantrix can accomplish. Your business might look different. Reach out to to find out how we can help with your specific use case.