“Best Practices” Approach to Financial Modeling

"Best Practices" Approach to Building Financial Models
“Best Practices” Approach to Building Financial Models

Are you looking for a structured approach that helps you to quickly build high integrity models?  I would imagine so!  Well, Quantrix has developed the Quantrix Modeling Methodology (QMM).  QMM provides a systematic approach to creating models with Quantrix Modeler.  Regardless of skill level or experience with Quantrix, business modelers should consider using a quality process as it will save time and effort when designing models and often increase the utility and impact of models.  The process begins with a simple question and progresses to the new business understanding or insight.  QMM also ensures on-going understanding of the current and forward-looking business environment through the data updating loop (DataLink).

QMM traces its origin to a proven standard process model.  In 1996, an initial committee with representatives from DaimlerChrysler of Germany, SPSS Inc of the US, and NCR Systems Engineering of Denmark began to create a structure to facilitate the immature data mining market.  The committee received funding from the European Commission to further their research and activities and sought input from data warehouse vendors and management consultancies. The committee created the Cross-Industry Standard Process (CRISP) which was intended to be an industry, tool and application-neutral structure to build low-defect data models.  When CRISP 1.0 was released, there were nearly 300 organizations involved in the CRISP special interest group.   Quantrix has employed this structure as a starting point for creating a modeling methodology that conforms with the Quantrix Modeler paradigm.

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