On-demand Webinar: Breaking the limitations of sales analytics

In our increasingly fast-paced world, it can seem like the analytics and reporting systems many organizations rely on for sales and CRM analytics are too inflexible and slow.

At Quantrix, we have worked with a large number of sales operations teams to deliver insightful sales analytics, and along the way, we have identified the main hurdles to achieving better sales insights

The webinar explores the benefits of Quantrix Modeler when applied to Sales Analytics. In this webinar, Quantrix Product Manager, James Kipling, showcases how to quickly connect to Salesforce and the key benefits multidimensional modeling brings to sales operations.

Having previously worked as Head of Sales Operations for IDBS, James is acutely aware of some of the difficulties that organizations have using a combination of built-in reporting tools and traditional spreadsheets, particularly when it comes to:

  • Automated data integration (Connecting to CRMs such as Salesforce)
  • Combining data from multiple data-sources to drive insight
  • Linking to third-party visualization tools such as Tableau
  • Difficulty of sharing robust dashboards for self-service analytics
  • Limitations of 2-dimensional spreadsheets for advanced analysis techniques

Presenter: James Kipling, Product Manager, Quantrix

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