Version 23.3 Product Release

PRESS RELEASE: Product Release Notification

PORTLAND, ME – On January 3, 2024, Quantrix released Version 23.3 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud.

There are a variety of new improvements and fixes with this release, so it is recommended that users update their software as soon as possible.

Modeler Highlights:

A major feature enhancement in Modeler 23.3.0 introduces a new type, Date Time, that supports users who span multiple time zones in both Modeler and Qloud. The Date Time type incorporates Universal Time Code (UTC) information in Modeler and Qloud, which allows users to see date and time information adjusted for their location. If you enter a date using the new date feature, Quantrix automatically recognizes it as a date type.

The new date feature includes date and time concepts:

  • Local dates and local times are time zone independent; they will display the same regardless of user time zone
  • Local dates represent a date (year, month, day) but no time
  • Local times include no date information
  • Date-time values are stored as UTC values and associated with a time zone of entry

Examples of UTC in Modeler:

Eastern Standard Time (North America) is 5 hours behind the UTC universal time. . When it is DST, Daylight Savings Time, it is 4 hours behind the UTC). For example, if you enter 4/6/2023 10:00 AM DST in a cell, the cell shows 4/6/2023 10:00 AM-0400, as the offset from UTC, and the hover text displays the time zone as America/New York. Note that a cell shows the offset from UTC as shown below provided “Show Time Zone” is selected in the Format Toolbox > Number Format for the Date-Time type.

When a date-time cell is viewed in Modeler or on Qloud by the user, hover tool tips display the date and time, and time zone, and if the user is in a different time zone, the date values are adjusted to the user’s time zone. For cells that contain only a date, or only a time, the hover tool tips specify that the date, or time, is “Local”.

Existing models containing date and time formatted numbers are converted to date-time values based on the model user’s time zone, which allows the date-time values to change to suit the time zone in which the model is viewed. Where date or time values have been entered in cells as date-only, or as time-only values, they are converted to local date or local time: the values do not adjust across time zones.

For additional information about this feature, please read our complete release notes.

Quantrix Labs

A new Tools > Setting called Quantrix Labs optionally allows users to see and try potential future features in Modeler (not Qloud) in the experimental stage. With 23.3.0, Quantrix Labs includes two experimental features, both of which relate to the user interface and user experience.

Please use these unsupported features on test models in a test environment rather than in production, because they may be unstable, may change, or may not be included in a future version. Both 23.3.0 experimental features require a restart if you select or deselect the feature, and if a model is using these features they will not carry over to Qloud if you publish it.

Important: If you do not restart (i.e., exit Modeler, then reload Modeler) after selecting or deselecting experimental settings, Modeler may be in an unstable state.

The feature Experimental UX introduces an updated Model User Interface. Please note that the image below may not exactly match what you see in Modeler.

The new Modeler sidebar on the left side replaces the top menu (File, Edit, View, Insert, Data, Qloud, etc.). If you would like to show the old top menu along with the new sidebar, click the hamburger menu at the top of the sidebar menu. Toggling the hamburger toggles the top menu on and off.

There are many more improvements and fixes! To find out more, you can read the full Modeler release notes here:

Qloud Highlights:

The new Modeler Date-Time properties for manually entered dates are supported on Qloud. Date-time entries via a browser reflect the browser’s time zone and will be stored in UTC along with the time zone of entry. Note that date-only values and time-only values always display as entered irrespective of the time zone in which they are viewed, and when you hover over those date-only or time-only values the hover text indicates that they are “Local” values.

If you open an editable model that is not yet converted to the new date-time feature, it is automatically converted to the date-time feature.

Date tooltips display similar to Modeler:

Canvas widgets support and display Date-Time values (for example, canvas drop-downs and radio buttons). If a widget works on pure numbers and is set on a cell containing dates, it shows the date’s corresponding number value, and changes will change the cell to a number value.

The cell filter for Values is updated to support selecting values that may have different formats, similar to Modeler:

Unless otherwise noted, Qloud supports all Modeler date time features, for example date constraints now set a date value when Modeler does.

You can read the complete Qloud release notes here:

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