Quantrix Updates Business Modeling Solution to Improve Business Planning for Data and Finance Professionals

Out-of-the-box Integrations to Tableau and Salesforce, revamped formula debugging tool, and enhanced cloud capabilities are included in Quantrix Modeler version 6

PORTLAND, ME – January 27, 2016 – Quantrix has released a significant upgrade to its Quantrix Modeler multidimensional business planning software solution. New integrations with Tableau and Salesforce, a redesigned Dependency Inspector for debugging formulas, and self-service modeling plus support for iPads with the cloud-based version are joined by a more modern and elegant user interface in Quantrix Modeler Version 6. These changes make it even easier for financial professionals to quickly develop financial modelsof the highest integrity, flexibility, and transparency, and to share with executives and peers for collaboration and decision making.

Quantrix Modeler Version 6 includes the following updates:

  • Dependency Inspector redesign: Quantrix’s formula debugging tool has been completely updated for this version. Users can hover a mouse over any aspect of a formula to see its origin. “It’s a huge step forward in the ability to trace and understand a calculation thread throughout a model,” says John Taylor, Founder and Director of Planning Models Ltd., a UK-based company that specializes in business planning. “As models are shared more, the new Dependency Inspector makes it easy for anyone to understand how it functions, not just the author.”  According to George Pappas, Senior Vice President of DrFirst, the changes to the Dependency Inspector will make Quantrix more accessible to all users. “Using the powerful aspects of Quantrix such as the data selects and aggregation functions can require a very nuanced understanding before a modeler becomes truly competent,” says Pappas. “The improved formula writer and Dependency Inspector will really help accelerate the learning curve and help modelers become power users much quicker.” (See webinar for more details.)
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce and Tableau:Direct integrations make it easy for modelers to use and share corporate data to gain business insight. “We used Quantrix version 6 to evaluate the transportation metrics of our fleet of trucks,” says Rich Lopez, Finance, Litehouse Foods and YouTube educator The Quantrix Authority. “We pushed data from our Quantrix model right into Tableau and made some sweet charts for management – this is a big deal for us, and makes it so much easier to model the data in Quantrix then see it visually in Tableau.” (See webinar for more details.)
  • Improved cloud integration: Quantrix’s Qloud now enablesself-service modeling for the entire enterprise with seamless storage and access to models, including compatibility with tablet devices. “Executives are traveling more with their iPads, and they need to see and interact with models while on the road,” says Taylor. “We are building some intelligent analytical models for our sales force, so the iPad integration is timely for us,” says DrFirst’s Pappas. (See webinar for more details.)
  • New user interface: Version 6 includes a redesigned UI on the desktop that is clean, sleek, modern, and easier to use. In addition to new icons and toolbars, new color themes, and a new launch panel, users can customize formula syntax highlighting. “Different parts of the formula can be different colors, instead of all black with the characters running together. This improves formula writing debugging and efficiency,” says Lopez. “It’s fantastic.” (See webinar for more details.)

“Business and data modelers need tools that make their jobs easier,” says Michael Salisbury, Director, Quantrix. “This new version of Quantrix Modeler helps them use data more efficiently and share model insight with decision makers, all while streamlining their workflow.”

Quantrix Version 6 is available immediately. New prospective customers can register for a free trial. Current customers eligible for v6 upgrade please visit this link for upgrade information.

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