Quantrix DataPush Enables Distributed Budgeting and Planning

PORTLAND, ME – October 7, 2009 – Quantrix announces DataPush™, an integration tool that allows organizations to ‘push’ data from Quantrix models directly to databases and other business applications. DataPush is an add-on product to its business modeling and analytics solution, Quantrix Modeler. It enables companies to implement distributed budgeting and planning solutions for increased flexibility and improved collaboration. The solution’s automation and consolidation capabilities enable users to focus on planning rather than manual data entry.

“DataPush, in combination with Quantrix Modeler, will enable us to have a much more thought-provoking and collaborative planning process where we can have greater insight into what we want to do, and how to set up our future growth,” says Chris Ransom, Director of Planning for Education Corporation of America, the Birmingham, AL-based operator of private accredited colleges across the United States as well as via the Internet. “Our campuses can spend more time thinking about their plans, and less time just plugging in numbers. We can push numbers from our enrollment models into our master budget model, and push slices of that back out to each campus. And we will link all of the campus models to a master, integrated financial statement model.”

DataPush in combination with Quantrix Modeler offers improvements over traditional budgeting, forecasting, and planning tools, including:

Improved Collaboration: In addition to providing a single data source for consolidated corporate budgeting, DataPush users can ‘push’ segments of a model out to individual departments, divisions, campuses, or business segments. These models remain linked, ensuring that each contains accurate, up-to-date information from identifiable, trustworthy data sources, improving collaborative processes and information confidence.

Enhanced Business Focus: DataPush enables participants in the budget process to focus their attention and energy on developing realistic and strategic business models, rather than spending time on data entry.

Expanded Business Insight: Quantrix business planning models can be based on structured, historical data that can be linked with actual data over time in order to dynamically compare planned against actual performance. DataPush then ‘pushes’ model data back into databases, ERP, and other business applications, offering businesses more insight into important information for planning and forecasting.

Business users can use DataPush to integrate budgets and plans with existing databases, flat files, spreadsheets, matrices, and all types of business applications via an easy-to-use Wizard.

“DataPush is an integral piece in the Quantrix distributed budgeting and planning solution,” says Chris Houle, CEO, Quantrix. “It closes the analytics loop by enabling organizations to consolidate their latest plans into a single data source that is used to enable corporate planning, and operational and strategic decision-making.”

Quantrix Modeler’s multi-dimensional business modeling and analytics software enables financial professionals to break away from the restrictions of spreadsheet technology to develop financial models of the highest integrity, flexibility, and transparency.

About Quantrix

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