Quadrillion Partners – Digital Transformation Platform Powered by Quantrix

George Stelling, Founder & CEO, presented during the Dimension 2023 conference about how Quantrix helped Quadrillion Partners to “Level-Up!” Find out how they are using the power of Modeler and Qloud to help their business.

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Quantrix Breakthroughs

  • Collaborative Input: Multiple users providing inputs in real-time
  • Version Control: Allowing for better tracking and management of changes
  • Multi-dimensional Modeling: Work with data in multiple dimensions easily
  • Natural Language Formulas: More intuitive and less error prone
  • Dynamic Scenarios: Real-time scenario analysis that can dynamically update multiple variables across a model
  • Error Elimination: Minimizes the risk of broken links and formula errors
  • Real-time Data Loads: Load Salesforce, ERP and related data sets